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Instantly connect to thousands of advertisers.

Whether you’re utilizing our ads or providing your own, we’ll help you maximize your revenue potential.

Our Ads

Our built-in ad module provides everything you need to start monetizing your content.

  • Access to our own direct sales campaigns
  • Plug in to thousands of top video ad networks instantly
  • 100% global ad fill
  • VAST / VPAID compliant
  • 50 / 50 ad revenue split

Your Ads

If you have your own ad inventory, we can provide all the tools you need to serve your own ads through the Bolt Player 2. Don’t worry if you’re not able to fill 100% of your inventory – we’ve got your back.

  • Serve your own ads through the Bolt ® Player
  • Keep 100% of the revenue
  • Implement Playwire’s ad module for additional back fill

Ad Exchange

Increase ROI with targeted and controlled campaigns facilitated in real time:

  • Controlled inventory
  • Campaign targeting
  • Increased ROI and CPMs

The Playwire Video Ad Exchange facilitates increased ROI. With access to thousands of video ad buyers, campaigns can be targeted to your site for increased engagement. To ensure a high quality ad exchange all publisher websites must be approved to join the Playwire Publisher Network.

Are you an Advertiser looking to gain access to our publishing network?

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile and tablet viewing make up the majority of online video traffic today. The Playwire video player places mobile optimized advertising in front of every mobile view to utilize higher CPM rates for the growing audience that navigate the web on phones and tablets.

Connected TV Devices

From game consoles to connected TV devices, Playwire ad serving ability spans nearly any device worldwide.

Get Started With Playwire Ads

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