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Place your video content in the limelight.

Quality HD encoding viewable on all devices.

Multi-Resolution HD Video

We understand the importance of having high quality and HD video available on all devices and connections. This is why we encode each video in multiple output video codecs including: Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), iOS, various h.264 bitrates and others to ensure the best possible video quality is delivered on all devices including the iPhone, iPad, Androids and most wireless devices.

Playwire Video Devices

Mobile and Bulk Uploading

Upload video content straight to your Playwire library from desktop or mobile devices. Use the simple Bulk Upload feature to add multiple videos at a time.

Playwire Video Formats

Video Formats Accepted

Our upload process supports virtually all video input formats. See a complete list of acceptable formats.

Playwire Video Formats


Each format adheres to the best quality bitrate for that delivery method. Whether the viewer is watching your video on their computer or from their iPad or mobile phone, the bitrate has been optimized to show the best quality video for that medium.

Available bitrates:


max bitrate: 1200 kbps
max fps: 30
resolution: 480p


max bitrate: 2500 kbps
max fps: 35
resolution: 720p


max bitrate: 2500 kbps
max fps: 35
resolution: 720p

Playwire Video Bitrates