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"Get Your Stream On." Everywhere.

Deliver the highest quality video content anywhere with our distributed CDN, which guarantees 99.9% uptime for your video streams.

HTML5 and Flash Compatible

With the rise in mobile internet use, users are more frequently interacting with your website on the go. Deliver the ultimate video experience with both Flash & HTML5 to ensure your videos are available on all devices.

With Playwire's mobile video delivery, your videos are accessible anytime and anywhere on the iPhone, iPad, Android, and nearly every other mobile application. With the support of both Flash and HTML5, the Bolt™ Video Player automatically detects the user’s viewing device and delivers the video in the correct viewing format – creating a seamless video experience for your viewers.

Flash and HTML5 Video Player
Playwire CDN

Content Delivery Network

Serve your videos to any device faster than ever. Our CDN ensures extensive security and system reliability for your content delivered across the globe. Playwire's cloud hosting simplifies your distribution process to empower your audience engagement.