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Learn How Grew Ad Revenue 230% With Playwire - Across Web and App

Playwire Drove Higher Return Across Website and Mobile App While Preserving Fast Load Times and Site Quality.

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The Challenge:

Increase ad revenue at scale across web and app while maximizing user experience and quality.


The Solution:

Implement Playwire’s RAMP platform along with Revenue intelligence and Direct Sales services.


The Result:

An increase to the company’s monthly ad revenue by over 230%.

About started in 2005 when two friends decided the world needed a better chess website. There were places to play online, but none of them felt like home. hosts more than ten million chess games every day and employs more than 200 people. They also support more than 50 world class chess players, coaches, and professionals by paying them to create awesome content.

Untapping Advertising Opportunities is the largest online chess publisher, hosting one million games daily across web and app. had primarily earned its revenue through in-app purchases and premium subscription.

Given the company’s size, advertising was an untapped opportunity. needed a partner that could scale their ad business while maximizing user experience and quality.

Blown Away With The Full Solution

“The revenue impact that Playwire delivered was truly incredible. With such a smooth setup, we were blown away with the full solution they brought to the table from direct sales, revenue amplification to analysis.”

Brenan Klain at

Brenan Klain

Why Playwire? needed an experienced partner that could handle monetizing the huge volume of their website and mobile app while maintaining premium user experience and quality. 

They chose Playwire for their:

● Innovative ad tech platform, RAMP

● Unparalleled direct sales relationships

● Revenue Intelligence - unified optimization and insights.

Playwire’s approach focused on three core elements:

Higher yields. Playwire's approach combines machine learning with yield optimization expertise to drive significantly higher revenue on current inventory while also finding new monetization opportunities

Premium user experience. Quality advertising, from non-intrusive ads, fast load times, to brand safe creative and relevant messaging.

Connection to more partners. Playwire’s direct sales team and experienced support staff tapped relevant brand partnerships and seamlessly integrated ads into publishers’ content across numerous channels.

Amplifing Advertising with Innovative Solutions

“ had so much potential to earn more from their huge, engaged audience. With our full service offering including our RAMP platform, Revenue Intelligence technology and direct Sales team, we not only optimized the ads they already had in place, but we amplified their entire advertising operation with innovative solutions they couldn’t have created on their own.”

Jayson Dubin, CEO atPlaywire

Jayson Dubin

How Much Return?

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Instant Revenue

After implementing the RAMP platform, saw a 20% boost in revenue before any further optimizations were implemented.

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Sustained Performance

Playwire’s Revenue Intelligence monetization strategy was then implemented, which resulted in an increase to the company’s monthly ad revenue by over 230%. Playwire’s turnkey solution ensures is running optimized ad campaigns while allowing the company to focus on producing more content and growing its user base.

Let Playwire focus on your advertising so that you can focus on building up your content and growing your audience.

Whether you need more resources to help manage services, additional demand sources, or higher CPMs, we've got you covered. Playwire unifies advertising in a way never done before by combining Direct Sales, Deal IDs, Header Bidding and more all in one easy solution.

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