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Ad Delivery and Monetization Platform for Retailers

An extension of Playwire’s proprietary {RI} Revenue Intelligence® technology, Retail IQ is a full-stack ad delivery and monetization platform that enables any retailer to compete with Amazon: Supply, Creative, Display, Data, Social Extension, OOH, and Experiential. Playwire provides data-driven solutions to effectively and efficiently monetize individual users through video, display, and native ads.

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Monetization Solutions
Crafted for Retail

Playwire’s proprietary technology gives you access to attractive and engaging ads from blue chip brands with one single line of code, allowing you to surprise and delight shoppers without infringing on your core business.

Key Features

  • Flexible formats for display, video, native, and text
  • Premium, bespoke sponsorship opportunities
  • Streamlined management and monetization of your loyalty program, newsletters, and e-blasts

Monetization IQ Crafted for Retail


Playwire Unlocks the Full Earning Potential of Your Digital Assets


Proprietary Ecommerce Ad Server

Deliver relevant and personalized ad content and effectively monetize your digital assets with Playwire’s best-in-class technology and global team.


Direct Sales

In addition to optimized demand sources, Playwire brings unique ad fill through direct deals, private marketplace opportunities, in addition to programmatic channels.


Brand Safety

The undisputed leader in brand safety, Playwire’s dedicated content policy and review teams ensure safe, relevant, and appropriate ad content, and most importantly, ZERO competitor branding.


Analytics & Performance Insight

Quickly assess ad performance by leveraging Playwire’s self-serve analytics platform and dedicated account managers to focus on and continually optimize revenue generation.


Auction Defender

While other systems are designed to help advertisers buy your inventory at the cheapest rate, Playwire uses machine learning and sophisticated auction technology to maximize the value of your inventory.


Consumer Data & Audience Insight

Gain valuable insights into shoppers’ behaviors and enhance the customer shopping experience without interrupting the path to purchase.


Simple Integration

Just one line of code plugs you into our complete monetization platform.

Key Features

  • Playwire integrates seamlessly and responsively into the page layout
  • Content matches site’s fonts and CSS styling
  • Enhanced shopping experience without interruption to checkout flow

Complete End-to-End Solution


Global Sales Team

Advertisers and media agencies pay premium rates for direct access to premium content creators. Our sales team opens the door to new business and top CPMs.



Playwire prides itself on ensuring industry-best monetization through product innovation and information technology.


Ad Ops

Grow your business while our ad ops team manages the complexities of digital advertising — from campaign implementation to inventory optimization, reporting, and billing.



Don’t waste time chasing down money from multiple demand sources. Playwire understands the importance of cash flow and on-time payments. Our advertisers are thoroughly vetted to meet our high standards, and our retail partners enjoy predictable, consolidated payments.


Creative Services

Our full-service creative team unlocks premium ad formats and bespoke sponsorship opportunities while ensuring utmost quality. Playwire makes better, more engaging ads that don’t sacrifice user experience.

Playwire helps retailers monetize their digital assets while maintaining a positive and relevant online shopping experience.

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