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Demand More in 2021 with our 21% Guarantee

Terms and Conditions:

Starting May 11th, 2021, we’re offering a guaranteed 21% increase in revenue year-over-year for any new publisher who switches to Playwire and meets the criteria set forth below. 

You Don't Need 20/20 Vision To See That 2020 Was Tough For Us All. Playwire wants to bring more to those publishers who switch to us in 2021. 

If you qualify, we guarantee that you will make at least 21% more with Playwire than with your previous partner — using the same exact ad setup as you currently have. In fact, if you’re not happy with our level of service or the results you can cancel anytime after the initial ramp-up period.

When will we see results?

In most cases within the first week, you should see results but by the end of the initial month. At this point, we should be fully operational on your account and have made all the necessary adjustments, and dialed in all the knobs.

Our backend dashboards and analytics will give you full access to how we are performing and you can benchmark us to ensure we are delivering on our promise to get you more results. These industry-leading technology advancements mean that we’re able to deliver higher earnings without increasing ads on-page.

What does it take to qualify for this guarantee?

You qualify for this guarantee if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • Your site meets Playwire’s requirements (below) and is accepted into our portfolio —Apply Now
  • You’re willing to provide your current ad revenue and traffic data so we can benchmark your “before” RPM
  • You provide us access to your Google Analytics account as well as historical revenue projects both annually and monthly.
  • You are up and running by August 31st, 2021
  • You have a minimum of 2.5 million page views.

If you qualify, we will send you a written confirmation. You need that confirmation to take part in this promotion. 

Why guarantee revenue on a yearly basis?

Like any businesses, you will see fluctuations in pricing, fill, order size, etc. That is why we decided to provide an annual guarantee. Allowing us the flexibility to do our job in a very complex environment but at the same time giving you peace of mind that you’ll get the revenue we guaranteed you.

Will my revenue fluctuate throughout the year?

Revenue is a moving target that much like the stock market is very unpredictable and subject to several outside influences. We do our best to mitigate all of these factors with state-of-the-art technology and our highly experienced team but our crystal ball is as clear as yours. By doing an annual guarantee we can alleviate all the issues and potential setbacks allowing us to perform and you to benefit from all our hard work. In short, you want it, so we work for it as your partner.

We also have infinite historical data to support that agencies and advertisers usually spend less money at the beginning of each quarter, and at the beginning of each month, meaning less fill and less revenue early on in those time periods.

We know your business is your baby so just to ensure you are 100% comfortable we allow you to leave anytime after the initial ramp-up period. Having been in the business for almost 15 years we have learned there is nothing worse than making someone stay in a long-term contract if they are not happy.

What type of protection do you offer for clawbacks and advertiser non-payments?

No need to worry, we will pay our publishers on time, all the time. This has never been an issue as we put our publisher first.

Playwire Requirements:

  • Google Analytics is installed and running, recording a minimum of 2.5 million page views.
  • The majority of traffic is US-based.
  • No previous advertising infringements and not blocklisted with Google or other major ad providers.
  • No outstanding legal or compliance issues. 
  • Content is unique, original, and brand safe for audiences and advertisers
  • The site is secure (HTTPS)
  • Playwire reserves the right to refuse applications to anyone for any reason at any time.*