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Everything There is to Know About Video Ads for Web & App Publishers

Read about Video Ads from A-Z with this guide from our experts.

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Benefits of Using Video Advertising

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The Unexpected Benefits For Publishers When Adding Video

Learn some of the unexpected benefits as a result of digital video advertising.

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What Are the Benefits and Challenges of Video Ads?

Use this article to examine the benefits and challenges of video ads for publishers.

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7 Benefits of a Video Advertising Platform

Learn the 7 key benefits of using a video advertising platform instead of a DIY approach.

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Why Video Advertising Works: Taking Advantage of Video Advertising Revenue

Let the Playwire team walk you through why video ads are so effective and how publishers can take advantage of them to bring in more revenue. 

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Different Types of Video Ads

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Video Ad Types: In-Stream Video Ads, Outstream Video Ads

“Which type of video ad is best?” Take a look at some of the types of video ads so you can make an informed decision.

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Increase App Revenue with Mobile App Video Ads

Learn the factors that affect mobile app video ad revenue and how you can increase your app’s revenue with video.

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Learn how achieved a 230% increase in ad revenue across web and app.

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Video Advertising Tips & Techniques 

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5 Video Advertising Techniques Publishers Should be Using

Inside look at the video ad techniques every publisher should be using.

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5 Mobile App Video Advertising Tips

Mobile app video advertising is the best way to cash on your App's success. Learn the best tips for in-app video ads, and how to get started using them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Video Advertising

What do publishers stand to gain from video?

The potential benefits of video ads are immense. Four key benefits are:

  1. Video Ads Brings in More Money
  2. Videos Drive Engagement
  3. Videos Bring Publishers’ Brands to Life
  4. Video Boosts Search Engine Visibility

Learn more about these benefits here

How do I sell my video ad inventory to advertisers?

Implementing video can feel like an impossible challenge. Learn your options for how to create video content and monetize that content here.

Which type of video ad is best?

Is it in-content video ads? In-stream ads? The answer depends heavily on your site, your audience, and your revenue goals. Take a deeper look at some of the types of video ads so you can make an informed decision.

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How do I get more video ad impressions in my app?

Think about autoplaying videos and video ads. When you autoplay, you have a higher chance of getting more impressions out of every user. And that means more revenue. Just make sure to weigh this choice with the effect it will have on user experience.

Learn more tips to increase app revenue here.

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