Raider.IO Achieved a 50% Revenue Increase by switching monetization partners


The Challenge

Raider.IO was experiencing tremendous growth in traffic, but the same could not be said about the magnitude of growth in revenue.

The Solution

Raider.IO began to evaluate potential new ad networks and monetization partners to see if money was being left on the table.

The Result

After comparing four competing offerings, the Raider.IO team selected Playwire to help bring in more ad revenue.


Raider.IO is a World of Warcraft (WoW) Mythic+ and Raid Progression rankings site with upwards of 30 million pageviews per month, with a very unique and niche audience that is an advertiser's dream. The entire site functions as a single-page community for gamers to compete and catch up on important news.

Leaving Money
On the table

The Raider.IO site had seen tremendous growth in traffic over the few years before they started working with Playwire, cresting the 30 million page views per month mark. Watching their user base grow was exciting, but Jah Raphael, Owner, and Founder of Raider.IO began to notice that their revenue from ad monetization wasn’t growing at the same rate.

The order of magnitude of growth in users wasn’t translating to the same order of magnitude of growth in revenue, which prompted an evaluation of existing ad networks and monetization partners to see if there was money being left on the table.

In particular, some of the key requirements Raider.IO was missing in their current monetization partner were:

  • An active and effective direct sales team
  • Innovative ad units to drive higher CPMs
  • Access to big brand advertisers
By the time we were done with the integration, I felt the most confident I’ve ever felt after an integration of an ad network or monetization solution into the site.
Jah Raphael
Owner and Founder, Raider.IO

Testing Multiple
Monetization Partners

After deciding it was time to evaluate new monetization partners, Jah and his team decided to test out four different partners to try and find the best fit.

Because of the challenges of running a single-page site (which sounds like it should be simple, but nearly always causes integration problems with ad networks), part of the evaluation process was running a pilot integration with each partner. video (1)-1


Making Integration
a Breeze

The Raider.IO team had previously considered working with Playwire years before, in 2018. During that initial conversation, there were some issues with integration but with many innovations to the RAMP Platform, the integration process was a breeze this time around.

Playwire’s team of solutions engineers were able to make the integration simple and easy for the Raider.IO team, getting them up and running within two weeks.

Our Solutions Engineer was on top of everything. She even called out edge cases and identified potential problems which helped squash issues before they even came up. It was incredible.
Jah Raphael
Owner and Founder, Raider.IO


Ultimately, after comparing the four competing offerings, the Raider.IO team selected Playwire. After conducting split tests with the RAMP Platform running on just 40% of their traffic, the Raider.IO team was already bringing in more ad revenue than they were with the entirety of traffic running on their previous monetization platform.

Some of the key reasons that Raider.IO selected the RAMP Platform include:


RAMP was able to provide a significant improvement on ad revenue for Raider.IO immediately upon being integrated.

Direct Sales

Access to a global direct sales team, and the premium brand dollars it brings, was a key requirement missing from other monetization partners.

Innovative Ad Units

The custom ad units offered through RAMP, like flex leaderboards and takeovers, provide a unique user experience and higher CPMs.

Growth in
Ad Revenue

Early indicators show that switching to Playwire has effectively increased our ad revenue by about 50%.
Jah Raphael
Owner and Founder, Raider.IO

The Raider.IO team has now effectively shifted all of their traffic to run through the RAMP Platform and are enjoying the benefits of increased ROI.

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