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What Problems Are We Solving?


Brand Safety

Our exclusive sites are vetted and continually optimized to ensure world-class content quality.



We ensure ad viewership without eroding the user experience while giving you data and analytics that provide full transparency.



Playwire is your one partner to manage the entire multiplatform media process: Supply, Creative, Display, Data, Social Extension, OOH, and Experiential.

Playwire Prism™

Playwire's innovative Data Prism™ leverages our code-on-page presence to identify audience members through a full spectrum of diversity-centered data lenses. Race, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation: we take all of these factors and more into account to ensure that your campaign reaches a truly inclusive, representative audience. Meanwhile, our IAB-certified CMP ensures access to audiences without infringing on their privacy.

Those data sets are built using Playwire:

  • 1st Party Registration Data
  • 1st Party Survey Data
  • 1st Party Publisher Ownership Data
  • 1st Party Contextual Data
  • Demographic of Content Creators
  • Geo-targeting
  • 3rd Party Data








P3: The Playwire Performance Platform

Industry-leading targeting and measurement, derived from data and insights, that drives conversion and growth

Key Features

  • Uses 1st party data directly from our gaming and entertainment publishers
  • Measures online and in-store behavior and activity
  • 200+ segments for all brands
  • Target and reach users across all channels

Guardian Angel

We provide peace of mind to advertisers with a model that ensures the highest standards in Viewability, Ad Fraud, and AVOC.

Key Features

  • Efficient and effective pricing model
  • Works direct and programatically
  • 100% Viewable, 100% AVOC, 100%
  • Human/AVOC/15 Sec




1 Voice. 1 Platform. 1 Partner.



World-class publishing brands that boast pop culture influence voices



A mix of mobile in-app and mobile web optimized content


In-Game & OTT

Reach cord cutters and core gamers on the platforms where they spend most of their time



Launch the new NBA2K Esports League, align with your favorite team, or keep it simple with our esports bundles



With a massive retail footprint and 30+ as a trusted voice

We utilize our historical data, transparency tools, and custom creative to ensure that we are communicating with our audience in a brand safe way.

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