The Publisher Dilemma

Publishers and creators of all sizes struggle with ad tech every day. In an industry built for advertisers, they are fighting behemoth ad tech companies who are all looking out for their own agenda. Ad tech has historically always favored the needs of the advertiser, or the maximizing margins for ad tech tools and vendors through the ad supply chain.

Add to that, an incredibly complex ecosystem with an ever-increasing number of tools and services, and publishers have historically found themselves with two choices when it comes to ad monetization:

  1. Build and manage an ad tech stack in-house.
  2. Use an ad monetization partner or tool to manage it for them.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Option 1 comes with a hefty amount of work, and the requirement to build a resource-intensive team in-house. Publishers often fail with this strategy, unfortunately. They lack data consistency between tools and rarely live up to their revenue potential. They struggle to manage the amount of work required, as well as what's actually required to build a resource-intensive team in-house.

Publishers who choose option 1 struggle with clarity around their results, and how to improve them, as well as resource allocation.

Option 2 comes with a loss of control, something no business leader loves. Historically, publishers experience nothing but frustration when handing ad management over to a third party. They feel as though they are simply looking at a black box. With no idea what is being done or how it can be improved, the only lever publishers have left to try and gain any semblance of control is revenue share.

Publishers who choose option 2 struggle with transparency and lack of control over their own results.

Returning Control to the Publisher

At Playwire, we believe the publisher is king, queen, and everything in between: every decision we make, every product we develop, every piece of technology we build is in the best interest of the publisher.

So, with our Revenue Amplification Management Platform (RAMP), we set out to create a third option. An option that provides clarity around results, doesn’t require hefty in-house resources from publishers, provides them with the transparency and control they deserve, and most importantly, maximizes their ad revenue.

Clarity with RAMP as the Single Source of Truth

The entire ad tech stack, all managed from a single platform. One source of data. One source of truth.

With the RAMP Platform, you gain clarity on exactly what is driving your results.

Unparalleled Transparency and Visibility

RAMP’s Advanced Yield Analytics gives visibility into everything. Built to be simple enough for a CEO to use, but powerful enough to drill down to anything a yield operations professional might need, publishers, developers, and creators alike can answer any question about performance.

With the RAMP Platform, publishers gain complete transparency into how their ad revenue is generated for the first time.

Control Returned to the Publisher (Where it Belongs)

With all the disparate tools in the ad tech stack available at their fingertips, publishers and creators are in complete control of their own results.

From a single interface, easily control the settings for header bidding demand sources, ad units, consent management, identity tools, and more.

All the Technology to Maximize Ad Revenue

Not only does RAMP provide simpler access to, and management of, common tools in the ad tech stack, but it actually also includes proprietary technology to amplify ad revenue even further.

  • {RI} Revenue Intelligence®: Machine learning and AI adjust thousands of settings across the ad tech stack on a per-impression basis, maximizing publisher yield.
  • Direct Sales: Partners who use the RAMP Platform get immediate access to Playwire’s Global Direct Sales team, who package websites across the network and sell direct to major brands, infusing major brand dollars into your ad revenue.
  • Data Management Platform (DMP): The RAMP Platform includes a built-in DMP, allowing publishers to track unique data about their audience and maximize CPMs with audience insights and segmentation that unlocks premium brand dollars for publishers of all sizes.
  • Innovative Features and Ad Units: The Playwire team is constantly innovating the set of features and ad units we offer, with industry-leading additions like our recent launch of rewarded video ads for websites.

All of the Resources to Simplify Operations

The beauty of the RAMP Platform is that it offers publishers and content creators all the control they desire, without having to staff a major team to do it. Playwire’s multi-disciplinary team is there to support your needs, and the RAMP Platform simplifies the myriad of settings and tools you have to manage in order to control your ad tech stack.

All publishers on the RAMP Platform are supported by a team with expertise in all the areas they’ll need:

  • Yield Ops: An entire team of yield ops professionals are hard at work every day looking for ways to maximize revenue for publishers. From managing SSP and partnership relationships to running experiments that fuel {RI} algorithms, they handle the behind-the-scenes efforts needed for publishers to truly reach their revenue potential.
  • Ad Ops: RAMP is backed by a team of experts managing all the pieces of the ad tech stack and keeping an eye out for fraud. They manage settings across the ad tech stack, optimize header bidding integrations, and run direct campaigns across the network.
  • Engineering and Development: Our team of engineers keep the ad tech stack humming 24/7, put out fires so publishers don’t have to, and are available when publishers need them.

RAMP: The Ultimate Platform for Amplified Ad Revenue

All of the control. None of the headaches.

RAMP gives you the ability to truly understand your ad revenue, and the tools you need to effectively control it.

RAMP: Uncomplicating the ad tech stack. Helping digital entrepreneurs, because that's what you are, maximize your ad revenue.

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