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What does Playwire’s service include?

We trademarked the term “Revenue Intelligence” in 2020 to describe our disrupting technology and service that automates and increases any web sites, app’s revenue by merely moving to our platform.

Many claim to do what Playwire does however all fall short when you actually peel back the layers of the onion:

  • Unique demand by plugging in directly to all major SSPs and DSPs with unique integrations and partnerships like Google Open Bidding, and AMAZON TAM along with over 30 more partnerships.
  • Large Direct Salesforce. With over 30 direct sales members and 3 separate teams, we have the largest most comprehensive sales steam in the business. We cover Insertion order, Programmatic Guaranteed, Private Marketplace deals as well as Header Bidding.
  • Full site audit to help increase viewability and clean-up and IVT issues
  • In house custom creative Team
  • In house video content creation team
  • Our own Header Bidder
  • Proprietary Video Player
  • Full custom OVP
  • CMP| Consent Management Platform
  • DMP | Data Management Platform
  • Moat Integration
  • Celtra integration
  • Tag Certified
  • Clean.IO built right in
  • GCPP
  • Machine Learning
  • Revenue Intelligence
  • Client-Side and Server-Side Header bidding
  • CCPA Solution
  • Partner Success team to ensure your site and app are constantly being monitored. By providing both human intelligence and Revenue intelligence we ensure we are covering you all the time.
  • Support the engineering team to help when you just can’t figure out what to do. We have spent many man-hours creating documentation and FAQ to help you along the way but we know sometimes it's just hard to figure out. Don't worry, we have you covered.
  • Dashboards and Analytics coupled with traffic insights and CPM data. Ensuring daily reporting and data are accurate and holding us accountable is paramount. This is why our backend gives you data and insights that are 100% transparent so you can see what is going on.
  • Timely reliable monthly payments. We ensure you get paid on time even if we don't. With our predictable on-time Net 60 payment schedule, you will know exactly when you're getting paid and how much.

Who is eligible to join Playwire?

Advertisers know and trust the quality of sites they find in Playwire Partners. By ensuring quality and trust, we are able to Demand More for you and get the best rates in the business.

  • You have a good footprint in English speaking countries (USA, UK, CA)
  • Google Analytics is installed and running, recording a minimum of 50,000 monthly page views
  • You are not blacklisted with Google or other major ad providers
  • Content is unique, original, and amazing for audiences and advertisers
  • Your traffic is from reputable and known sources, and you do not have IVT ratings over 7%
  • You have a Privacy Policy page, which is secure (HTTPS)

If your site meets these requirements, go ahead and apply here!

What type of ad layout will you run on my site?

Our team will work with you to create an ad layout that you are proud to have on your site. Our ad partners require a minimum of 3 ads running in highly viewable locations on each device.

We’ll give our recommendations based on what has proven to be successful, but you get the final say on how your ads are placed. Then, we keep a close eye on how your ads are performing so we can make sure you are always earning at your top potential!

What type of increases should I expect to see?

We love watching our publishers' revenue skyrocket! After you apply, we work with you to perform a detailed analysis of your current ad performance and craft a custom ad layout specific to your site and optimized for success.

Do we share your data?

We take your privacy seriously and will never share your data with any third party that we do not disclose or are partnered with without your consent. Please see our privacy policy listed here.

What is a Google Certified Publisher Partner?

We have the honor and privilege of being a strategic partnership with Google. This means we have to have strong growth, a unique value proposition, and a history of driving results. Last year, Google only allowed two new partners into this program in North America and we are fortunate to have been one of them. By being in this program, we get access to alpha and beta products, direct communication to deal with infractions and or issues as well as a ton of other cool features.

What is Playwire’s revenue model?

We believe in a revenue share model to ensure we are both sitting on the same side of the table. Having been in business for more than 15 years and having tried all kinds of models, we have seen this is the best way. If you look at the landscape of providers including SSP, DSP, exchanges, and events in some case management platforms, they have one interest in mind: to extract as much as they can from you. Playwire is the only company providing you with the technology, manpower, and size to demand more and get your seat at the table. By working on a revenue share methodology, it allows us to be partners, so when you make more money so do we.

What are your Payment Terms?

All payment terms are detailed here.

What are your minimum traffic requirements?

We require a minimum of 50,000 page views a month for websites or 1,000 daily active users for apps.

Do you work with Google, Amazon, etc?

Yes, we are a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), and we work with Amazon's UAM and TAM products. Additionally, we work with over 30 SSPs and DSPs.

Do you monetize AMP?

Yes, we are able to monetize both display and video on AMP pages.

Do you have Video?

Yes, please refer to this page to learn more about our video monetization capabilities.

Can I keep my AdSense/ AdX account?

You can keep the account, but it cannot run on your site in tandem with our script and ads. 

While we do work with AdX and are a Google Certified Partner, to access our demand (that also includes Header Bidding, Direct Sales, Rewarded Video, and most Major Mediation Partners), you would have to implement our Playwire SDK.

We can not provide AdX only, but would love to learn more about your app and discuss how we can provide a boost in ad revenue if you implement our SDK.

Do you have Direct Sales?

Yes, we have invested heavily in Direct Sales over the past 15 years. We currently have more than 25 sellers across the US, CA, and the UK.

Do you handle billing?

Yes, we automatically send payments to our publishers at the beginning of every month on a Net 60 payment policy.

Do you have a creative / production capabilities showcase?

Yes, we have a custom creations team that assists with any necessary ad units.

You can see examples of their work here.

How does your demand differ from other ad providers?

Why do we call it Revenue Amplification? Because with Playwire’s unique combination of global direct ad sales, client- and server-side bidders, and machine learning-based predictive analytics, you get unmatched demand for your ad inventory — and the highest eCPMs in the business. All available to you with a single line of code.

Do you have an ad block monetization solution?

Yes, we have partnered with Blockthrough to provide an ad recovery program that is already integrated with each of our solutions. 

How are you working with Google’s Core Web Vitals?

To learn more about how we approach keeping your website speed in line with Google's Core Web Vitals, check out our article on the topic.

What is eCPM vs. Pageview CPM vs. other CPMs?

First, eCPM stands for effective cost per mille (i.e. thousand impressions), this metric is calculated by publishers to show how much ad revenue a publisher has generated from 1000 ad impressions. A CPM is calculated by advertisers and stands for an advertiser's cost of 1000 ad impressions. Unique Visitors and CPM, A more accurate measure of Web traffic is the number of unique visitors a site receives. The Web server records the unique Internet Protocol (IP) address of each user who requests the page and counts the number of addresses that have accessed that page. Regardless of whether that visitor accesses the page once a day or fifty times in an hour, the server records only one unique visitor. When advertisers know how many unique visitors access a page, they can calculate the most cost-efficient CPM.

What are the best KPIs to measure for success?

In general, useful KPIs can include CPMs (effective, pageview, session, etc.), Fill Rate, Impressions / Pageview, Viewability, and more. Pageview and Session CPM are perhaps the best indicators of performance, normalizing data, and measuring health.

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