With children’s safety at the forefront, Playwire and Kidoodle.TV expand their existing partnership in the US on COPPA CTV inventory in order to deliver kid-friendly content and advertising moving forward

Kidoodle.TV, the leading over the top (OTT) and mobile platform for kids content, has expanded their partnership with Playwire, a global technology company specializing in revenue amplification for publishers and content creators.

The exclusive partnership in the US only on family-safe CTV inventory will further Playwire’s existing presence in the Kids space. With Kids Club— Playwire’s comprehensive suite of kids safe technologies—publishers and brands can safely monetize their mobile apps, streaming platforms, websites, and more to children across the US and around the globe. Advertisers looking to reach parents and their children can tap into a massive audience through Kidoodle.TV and Kids Club. 

Safe Streaming™ is a top priority and ingrained in Kidoodle.TV. Even prior to COVID-19, Kidoodle.TV found that 97% of parents co-view with their child at some point throughout their streaming journey. Now as many families remain together in their homes for the majority of the day, parents are co-viewing with their children at greater lengths. As a result, parents are actively monitoring the content their children stream and demanding safe environments where they will not encounter inappropriate content. Since its founding, Kidoodle.TV employs humans to review every piece of content that exists on the platform. The kids streaming service has over 21,000 episodes of quality shows and continues to add new content to the platform daily including originals. 

“We’re strongly committed to safe viewing habits for kids,” stated Michael Goodman, Kidoodle.TV SVP Revenue, “and partnering with Playwire allows us to monetize our family-friendly audience without inappropriate or unsuitable ads compromising the family viewing experience. We’re excited to see where this expanded partnership in the US takes us in the future.” 

Kidoodle.TV’s content—from Paw Patrol to KidzBop and Lego City—is watched by over 53 million highly engaged streamers each month. Advertisers have a huge opportunity to connect with their customers through the reach Kidoodle.TV’s inventory offers. With a view-through rate (VTR) exceeding 98.5% and 100% viewable/100% unskippable CTV and mobile inventory,  brands can reach not just children, but their co-viewing parents as well. 

“Both of our companies have an unwavering commitment to safe streaming for all children, said Jayson Dubin CEO and Founder of Playwire. We are proud that content creators, publishers, brands and advertisers trust our Kids Club solution because with our kidSAFE COPPA certification, they have the peace of mind that ad monetization won’t harm their brand.”