Editorial Policy + Content Creation Process

Playwire is a team of “player coaches”. While our content seeks to provide educational information, it always comes from a team of people who are actively doing the thing they are educating about.

We don’t have professors here. We have a team of experts who are actively involved in executing the very tasks we are writing about. We have real world experience. Anything we share is backed by evidence of real world success.


What Kind of Content Does Playwire Produce?

Playwire is dedicated to helping publishers and app developers accelerate their business by amplifying ad revenue and operating more efficiently. It is core to who we are as a brand, and it is core to the content we create.

We only want to provide content that:

  • Is actionable and helpful
  • Makes the lives of publishers (or advertisers) easier
  • Is technically correct and accurate
  • Helps publishers increase their ad revenue, run their business more efficiently, or grow their business
  • Helps advertisers run more effective campaigns

Our Editorial Process

All of our content is produced through the lens of experts.

Our experts are great at executing. Our experts are not writers, nor should they be spending their time writing,  they should be spending their time building the technology that drives publisher success.

So how do we ensure every piece of content we create comes with the expertise of our team? We’ve built a process that marries writing talent with ad tech talent in the best way possible.

We do the following for each article, guide, video, or course we create:

  • Interview and/or shadow the most prominent experts within our organization (often with more than a decade-worth of experience) on a particular topic.
  • Collect findings, data, or information from that team to support the production of educational content on the topic.
  • Interview subject matter experts outside the organization when necessary to round out skillsets or look at varying approaches. (Here are a few examples where outside skill sets were brought in to provide even more expertise on a topic.)
  • Full review of each piece prior to publication by the foremost subject matter expert on the topic in our organization. You’ll see on each article we publish that we identify the subject matter expert who helped review the article before publication.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that content is helpful and digestible (because it is structured by writers and educators) and doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of expertise (because it came directly from subject matter experts with years of experience).


What Can You Expect from Playwire’s Content?

Our editorial guidelines say it all!

You can expect all of our content to be:

  • Helpful: In all cases, our content is driven by a desire to be helpful. That might mean anything from educating, to providing strategic guidance, all the way down to consolidating hard-to-find information in a single place.
  • Candid: Everything we publish is truthful, delivered in a straightforward and unreserved manner. Nothing but 100% honesty is acceptable.
  • Plain-spoken: We like to uncomplicate things. We write in simple everyday language, and try to get straight to the point (because who has time for anything else).
  • HUMAN: Most importantly, our content is conversational and always written by humans. You’ll find personality, humor, and a whole lot of passion in the content you’ll read.

Contribution Policy

We typically do not accept guest blogs, but we are happy to discuss opportunities, should they align with the needs of our audience and we are satisfied that the content adheres to everything mentioned in the above policy.

If you have a suggestion for a guest post, or would like to contribute, we recommend you contact us with a pitch for the particular post or topic you’d like to submit before writing it. This will give us the opportunity to work together to decide if the content is a good fit, and how it can be structured to provide the most value.