Key Points

  • Wifi monetization with rewarded video ads involves letting users access wifi after watching a video ad.
  • Rewarded video ads are preferred over paid wifi because they let establishments offer free internet while still monetizing access.
  • When users first connect to a location's network, a window will appear, prompting them to watch the video ad for access.

Have you ever played "wifi roulette?" Of course, you have. You sit down in a cafe or other business, open your laptop, and discover that there's a wifi network available. Then you cringe at the screen as you wait to find out: Will access be free, or will you have to pay a fee just to check your emails for half an hour?

From a consumer standpoint, paid wifi simply sucks. But it's not hard to imagine why businesses go for it - why miss out on an opportunity to boost revenue via your wifi connection? 

But many businesses are missing out on a third option, one that allows them to earn revenue by offering wifi while still offering it for free to guests and customers.

At Playwire, we're helping brands embrace the power of wifi monetization with rewarded video ads.

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Rewarded Video Ads: The Basics

Rewarded video ads are a type of advertising that allows users to watch a short piece of video content in exchange for some sort of reward. This can be anything from extra lives in a game to virtual currency used to make in-app purchases. 

Rewarded videos are an effective way to reach users, as they can choose to watch the ad instead of having it forced upon them. This results in a better user experience, higher engagement rates and can lead to more conversions overall. 

How WiFi Monetization with Rewarded Video Ads Works

So how are rewarded ads applied to wifi access? It's pretty simple.

When users connect to a WiFi network, they will be presented with the option of watching an ad in exchange for wifi access. Once the ad has been watched, the user will be granted access to the Internet for a certain amount of time- this could be an hour, a day, or unlimited. 

The rewarded video ad is generally achieved through what's known as a captive portal. The moment a user connects to your network, it will trigger an automatic window to appear. 

This window will clearly detail the proposed exchange (they watch a rewarded ad, they get wifi) and show them a button to either accept or decline. If they accept, the video ad will play. As soon as it's complete, their network access will become active.


Ultimately, this type of monetization can be highly beneficial for both businesses and users.

WiFi Monetization: Two Models, One Clear Winner

Paid wifi used to be a relatively common and accepted phenomenon. The ability to get online while out and about was still a novelty. Not anymore. We all expect to be able to get connected anytime, any place.

Now more and more businesses are offering free wifi as a way to attract customers. When there's a Starbucks on every corner where anyone can get online for free (or the price of a delicious, sugary frappe), why would anyone pay for it?

However, many of these same businesses struggle to find a sustainable way to offset the costs of providing this service. That's where rewarded video ads come in. By requiring customers to watch a short video before granting them wifi access, businesses can generate revenue without charging for usage. 

And since these videos can be targeted to specific demographics, businesses can ensure that they're only showing relevant ads to their customers. Not to mention the fact that advertisers will pay top dollar for the kind of attention that a rewarded video ad offers.

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Benefits of WiFi Monetization with Rewarded Video Ads

There are numerous benefits to wifi monetization with rewarded video ads. For one, it helps to generate revenue for the wifi provider. In addition, it helps to defray the costs of maintaining and expanding the wifi network. And finally, it helps to improve the user experience by providing a way for users to gain access to additional content or features.

You're left with happily connected customers and a boost in revenue. Plus, time spent browsing emails or studying means more time your customers spend in your business - and more opportunity for additional sales. 

How Playwire Has Perfected WiFi Monetization

With Playwire's RAMP Platform, publishers can create custom ad units and triggers to generate more ad revenue. In addition, we provided unparalleled reporting and tracking capabilities to help publishers track their ad performance. 

As a result, RAMP is an essential tool for publishers looking to boost their revenue through rewarded video ads. Thanks to our custom ad units, triggers, and reporting features, publishers can maximize their ad revenue and better monetize their content.

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