Resources for using Rewarded Video Ads


What are Rewarded Video Ads?

Rewarded video gives your users a reward, or incentive, defined by you, for spending time watching a full-screen video ad. Users will be prompted with the choice to watch the ad to unlock content or reward. This unit is typically dynamically inserted on your site based on custom event triggers you define.

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The Complete Guide to Rewarded Video Ads


Learn everything there is to know about using rewarded video on web, app, and more.

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Rewarded Video Across

Rewarded video ads have lucrative uses across many different technologies and devices.

Learn more about the different use cases, and how to access rewarded video ads technology for different devices.

Use Cases for
Rewarded Video

Game Monetization

Games have long been monetizing with rewarded video ads, so the practice is relatively mature in this vertical.

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Gate Access

Another common use case for rewarded video ads is for access to premium content or features. Anything you have that is highly valuable to your users is fair game.

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Paywall Subscription

Rewarded video ads offer a seamless and lucrative, way to combine ad revenue and subscription revenue models for publishers.

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Freemium Models

You can allow temporary access to a freemium feature with a rewarded video ad, allowing the user to test the feature before having to pay for it.

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Premium Experiences

Another great idea is offering an improved user experience in exchange for the user watching a rewarded video ad.

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+ Many More

The sky is truly the limit. If you have something of incredible value to your users that you'd normally have them pay for, you have a candidate for rewarded video ads.

Review Examples of
Rewarded Video

In-App Rewarded Video

In-App-Rewarded-Ad (1)

Wifi Monetization


Extra Lives in Games


Currency or User Rewards


Premium Content Access


Contests or Sweepstakes


Enhanced Experiences


Freemium Feature


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