Key Points

  • Navigating video advertising can be a challenge, but the rewards in revenue make it a worthy investment for many publishers.
  • There are a number of excellent video ad monetization platforms across the ad tech industry, each of which provides unique benefits as well as limitations.
  • An industry leader in a number of areas across the ad space, Playwire’s video advertising solutions are some of the most simple, scalable, and customizable that you’ll find on the market.

The future of the internet is video.

Which means video advertising isn’t going anywhere.

Publishers who are already earning revenue this way know about the benefits of video advertising. They’re making bank, and it’s about time you hop on the train.

How does this sound?

  • 5x higher CPMs when compared to banner or display ads
  • 2% higher conversion rates
  • 1200% more social media shares
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Increased user experience

This all sounds pretty good, right? That’s the power of video advertising.



In this article, we’ll share eight of the best video advertising providers in 2024 including –

Keep reading to discover new ways to reach your digital advertising revenue goals.

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The Guide to Video Ads for Web + App Publishers

About Playwire’s Video Advertising Solutions

Perhaps we shouldn’t start with our own tech, but let’s be honest: humility isn’t our greatest strength…

Delivering industry-leading advertising solutions is.

No matter what your video advertising problems are, Playwire can solve them.

Designed to support simplicity and scalability, our team and tech can help you monetize with rewarded video advertisements as well as corner, in-article, and sidebar video ads through our proprietary Trendi video solution.


Here’s a little peek into some of the key benefits of our video solutions —

  1. Custom video content: In the event that you don’t have your own video content, we’ve got you covered! Playwire’s team can create vertical-specific, customized video content that is delivered through our built-in video player.
  2. Access premium video demand: Unlock video header bidding and premium demand all from a single platform.
  3. Deliver with high-performance ad units: Drive up to 13x higher CPMs with both tried-and-true and innovative ad unit formats.

Not to mention, our publishers have seen revenue increases as high as 65% once partnering with Playwire. We consistently deliver results for our publishers, which is why our award-winning solutions are the best out there. 

Interested in learning more about our video offering or how Playwire is helping publishers of all shapes and sizes achieve their ad revenue goals? Reach out to us online.

7 Other Notable Video Advertising Platforms

Our video solutions are the bomb (sure, we may be a little biased). But if you want to explore and compare other options, we’ve listed several of the top video advertising solutions below.


Distroscale is a video advertising platform that provides complete and scalable video solutions for publishers. The team at Distroscale works with its publishers to develop and execute custom video advertising campaigns that are compatible with all device types. 



  • Access to premium demand through DistroStream Private Video Marketplace
  • Supports customizable, viewable video creation to increase engagement
  • Turnkey video solutions for streamlined monetization processes


Distroscale has only three reviews on G2, but all of them are positive. The platform earned an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Reviewers found the platform especially user-friendly and most said they noticed an increase in revenue.  


Teads is a self-serve outstream video solution that supports publishers with video ad monetization that is optimized for in-article ad placements. By providing advertisers with premium placement alongside high-value editorial content, Teads helps publishers increase their yield.



  • A user-focused approach means publishers never sacrifice visitor experience
  • Access to a global sales organization comprised of over 300 professionals
  • Advanced analytics capabilities for real-time performance insights


Teads has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on G2. Reviewers liked the user-friendly software and the support team.


AnyClip is an outstream video solution that uses sophisticated visual intelligence technology to improve video content management and distribution processes. It does so by automatically collecting data from video content and leveraging that data to develop collections of high-performance videos that are optimized for monetization.



  • AI-powered video content management
  • Automatically optimize video content for search, sale, and automatic performance measurement
  • Internal communications platform for streamlined collaboration


While AnyClip doesn’t have any reviews on G2 or TrustRadius yet, the company is trusted by many of the largest names in the industry including AT&T and Discovery. 

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The Complete Video Advertising Resource Center

Avantis Video

Avantis Video is a video advertising platform that supports publishers by integrating engaging video solutions that increase revenue and improve user experience. The platform makes it easy to include videos on your web pages and improves viewability and impression metrics. 



  • Certified for all devices and video ad format types
  • Real-time optimization based on your KPIs
  • Video header bidding with high RPMs


Avantis Video doesn’t have profiles on any review sites, nor do they have public information about the number of publishers using their solutions. However, the company is certified by Google Ad Manager and the IAB.


Connatix is a future-focused video technology company that provides publishers with advanced innovations in ad tech, including a player and a suite of immersive formats that increase user engagement and boost revenue.



  • Access to premium demand from leading brands and agencies
  • Powerful ad revenue engine fueled by an integrated video ad server and ad exchange
  • Built-in cookieless targeting capabilities


While Connatix doesn’t have any reviews on rating platforms like G2 and TrustRadius, the platform is trusted by notable publishers including Vox and HuffPost.


AniView is an end-to-end video advertising solutions provider. The platform has a unique vetting process that helps to ensure every vendor or buyer in the marketplace is trustworthy. The result is a safe video advertising environment where the demand and supply sides can foster profitable, long-term relationships.



  • Robust integration with Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)
  • Access to a massive pool of global demand sources
  • Advanced controls for setting precise inventory standards


Although AniView doesn’t have ratings on reviewing platforms, the provider is trusted by 200+ publishers in over 150 countries around the world.


Primis is an outstream video solution and video discovery platform. The platform supports publisher revenue growth by connecting site visitors with the highest-quality video content.

Primis increases ad engagement by providing users with an engagement-based experience that is engineered to push videos users enjoy while automatically deprioritizing videos with lower engagement.



  • 4.8 billion monthly recommendations for over 3.4 million pieces of content
  • Coverage for over 30 different verticals 
  • Endless library of content to cater to your unique needs


Although Primis doesn’t have reviews on platforms like TrustRadius or G2, the technology is used and trusted by hundreds of publishers across the globe. 

Playwire: Your Video Advertising Powerhouse

What makes Playwire different, you ask? 

A lot.

Yes, we have one of the most publisher-friendly video ad solutions, but we go beyond what most video platforms provide.

Playwire makes video monetization simple and scalable. No video content of your own? No problem. Our creative team can deliver custom-curated, vertical-specific content and have it delivered automatically to your website or app. We also offer a variety of high-performance video ad units, which command maximized revenue, as well as access to premium global demand.

Oh, and our video solution is only one piece of our all-in-one revenue-amplifying platform

Reach out to us online to get started today.

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