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What is App Monetization?

Put simply, monetizing is learning how to make money from your user base through a mobile app. There are quite a few different ways to monetize your app, each of which works well in different circumstances. Choosing the method that best fits your brand, user experience preferences and goals is the biggest challenge.

The Complete Guide to App Monetization


Read about app monetization from A-Z with this guide from our experts.

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Determining the Correct
for Monetizing your App

How to Monetize an App

A brief guide on how to monetize your app put together by our own app monetization experts.

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8 Monetization Strategies

Check out these eight mobile app monetization methods and learn how you can maximize your app revenue.

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6 Questions to Ask

Review the 6 questions our App Experts have compiled for you to ask and answer before you embark on your app monetization journey.

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10 App Monetization Statistics to Know


Publishers who don’t have an app — or who have one but are not monetizing it — this is for you: you’re missing out on huge revenue opportunities.

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Monetizing your app
with ads

6 Ways to Monetize Your App with Ads

This brief guide will give you ways to monetize your app with ads and build a successful revenue strategy.

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In-App Advertising Cost Breakdown

Learn the costs of app advertising and how to measure app advertising from our experts at Playwire.

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In-App Advertising Revenue Generation

This article will help you decide whether in-app ads are the right choice for your business.

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Building Your App Advertising Revenue

Learn how to build an app monetization strategy that will last for years and scale up as you grow.

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We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.
David Larkin
Strategy and Business Development


Case Study


Increase in in-app ad revenue.


Increase in average CPMs.


Increased from 1-9 sources of demand.

Ad Units

Incorporated premium ad units.

Mind the

How In-App Header Bidding Works

Learn how you can utilize in-app header bidding to maximize your app advertising revenue.

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Attribution on iOS 14.5

Find out what iOS 14.5 means for app publishers and advertisers.

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Measuring the Performance of Your App Ads

Six of the most important in-app advertising KPIs to watch to maximize your in-app ad revenue and performance.

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CHESS.COM GROWS AD REVENUE BY 230% across web and app

The revenue impact that Playwire delivered was truly incredible. With such a smooth setup, we were blown away with the full solution they brought to the table from direct sales, revenue amplification to analysis.
Brennan Klain


Case Study


Boost in revenue immediately after switching to Playwire.


Increase in monthly ad revenue with Revenue Intelligence.

Working with
for App Monetization

Playwire's Mobile Ads SDK

The way mobile ad SDKs have historically worked is simply outdated. Learn about the the future of in-app ads and how this SDK is changing the game for app developers.

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Changing the Face of In-App Ad Monetization

Historically, in-app ad monetization has not been publisher-friendly. Learn how Playwire is working to revolutionize the way in-app ad monetization is done.

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In-App Native Ads with RAMP for App

In-app native ads are tough to execute, but when done right they can generate loads of revenue. Find out how to succeed and amplify ad revenue with in-app native ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions About App Monetization

How do I monetize my mobile app?

You have a couple of different methods you can choose to monetize your app, depending on the type of app you have and your user base. In general, you'll follow these steps to monetize an app:

  1. Start by considering monetizing your app with ads:
    • Banner Ads
    • Interstitial Ads
    • Rewarded Ads
    • Native Ads
  2. Consider additional monetization strategies:
    • Monetizing an App Through Ad Removal
    • App Subscriptions
    • App Data Monetization
    • In-App Purchasing
  3. Continue to optimize over time

This article provides a brief guide on how to monetize your app put together by our own app monetization experts.

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How can you monetize a free app?

The best way to monetize a free app is with in-app ads.

This article will help you learn how to build an app advertising strategy that will last for years and scale up as you grow.

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What are common app monetization strategies?

The most common app monetization strategy is using in-app advertising to generate revenue. In addition, you may consider the following strategies:

  • Monetizing an App Through Ad Removal
  • App Subscriptions
  • App Data Monetization
  • In-App Purchasing

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How much do app ads pay?

In-app ads can pay very different CPMs depending on the audience of your app, and how much first-party data you have available on your audience.

Choosing an app monetization platform that incorporates the following features will help get the highest bang for your buck:

  • Incorporates many sources of demand (rather than a single app mediation partner as is common in most SDKs)
  • Incorporates direct sales deals to bring premium brand dollars (which significantly affects average CPM)
  • A data management platform (to collect and house data on your audience) 

How effective are in-app ads?

The effectiveness of in-app ads are highly dependent on the types of ad units you use. Carefully choosing the most impactful ad units (and choosing an ad monetization platform that offers them) will help improve the effectiveness of your app ads. Some of the most impactful ad units include:

  • Interstitials
  • Rewarded ads
  • Playable ads

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How has app mediation changed over time?

In the relatively short time since apps became a well-known feature of daily life, a lot has changed on the advertising side of apps. App mediation was a rough business in the early days, but new leaders have emerged in the space. These leaders have risen to the top because they have offered not just new approaches, but better approaches.

That isn’t to say that the old way isn’t still around — lots of app mediation partners still put publishers through the outdated and inefficient methods of the early days — but there is something better to be had in the app publishing space in 2022.

In this article, we examine the then vs. now of app mediation. Read more here.

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