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StackAdapt is a programmatic advertising platform that provides self-serve functions for digital marketers and agencies.

All About


StackAdapt has a few qualifications. For advertisers, this includes a framework for target audiences, objectives, and budget allocation. Speaking of budget, advertisers working in StackAdapt will need to meet a minimum ad budget. This will be determined by campaign goals, targeting criteria, and other factors.

For publishers, “quality standards” are a stated requirement, which probably relates to original and engaging content, a streamlined user experience, and legal/industry guideline compliance.

Both advertisers and publishers must be able to technically integrate StackAdapt’s software development kit and/or advertising tags onto their digital properties.

StackAdapt has its own advertising policy and guidelines that cover data use and privacy. Data compliance will extend to GDPR, CCPA, and more. These must be met for an advertiser or publisher to remain in good standing.

Benefits for Publishers

StackAdapt deploys exceptional campaigns based on its three pillars of programmatic: planning, executing, and analyzing. They offer an open and flexible DSP that supports this three-pronged process.

Publishers can meet with creative consults and use the Creative Studio, Planner, and AD Previewer to design campaigns.

The execution phase is catalyzed through multi-channel targeting and tracking, access to a high-quality supply in inventory and marketplaces, and a suite of strategy tools that include bid factoring and tactic capabilities.

The analysis phase is powered by machine learning and AI and the platform’s reporting integrates with other major data platforms, including Google Data Studio,, and TapClicks.


StackAdapt has 5 stars on G2, out of 512 reviews. Feedback reflects a good balance of self-serve and managed services, impressive platform capabilities, and solid results.

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