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Refer a Publisher to Playwire and Everyone Wins!

You already know the benefits of working with Playwire; refer a friend and help everyone reap the benefits. Refer a publisher to Playwire and you can earn a percentage of their ad revenue!

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Wait, what? That sounds too good to be true!

It isn't! We want to share the love. Nearly all our publishers earn significant yield increases just from making the shift to Playwire. Your referral means they'll make more money, and so will you!

Here's how it works:



You Make a Referral

Fill out the form below to submit your information and the information for the publisher you are referring.



We'll Review the Referral

All referred publishers referred are subject to our standard approval process must meet our minimum requirements (see FAQ below), and will be confirmed in writing.

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Publisher Joins Playwire

If your referred publisher joins Playwire, we'll get them up and running, and we'll get you set up to get paid!



Everyone Wins

You'll get paid on a monthly basis a percentage of the referred publisher's earnings from ads on the same day they do... For their entire first year!

Refer a Publisher to Playwire


What are the minimum publisher requirements?

The requirements for a publisher to join Playwire are:

  • Google Analytics is installed and running, recording a minimum of 1M page views.
  • The majority of traffic is US-based.
  • No previous advertising infringements and not blocklisted with Google or other major ad providers.
  • No outstanding legal or compliance issues. 
  • Content is unique, original, and brand safe for audiences and advertisers
  • The site is secure (HTTPS)
  • Playwire reserves the right to refuse applications to anyone for any reason at any time.*

How many publishers can I refer?

You can refer as many as you'd like, and earn money for each one of them!

Do I have to be a participating Playwire publisher to refer?

You do not have to be a current partner in order to refer publishers to Playwire and participate in this program. Please just keep in mind that you will have to sign our terms and conditions as part of the process.

How will I get paid?

The Playwire team will confirm the referral in writing, once the referral has been reviewed and approved.

You'll get paid on a monthly basis the a percentage of the earnings from ads on the same day they do. All of our publishers are paid on a NET-60 basis.