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RAMP Up Your Mobile App Revenue

Playwire's RAMP Mobile SDK is App Revenue Amplification Managed by Professionals®  Tap into the complete universe of app monetization with Playwire’s one-stop advertising solution for apps. Our first to market solution gives you access to an unmatched range of advertising demand, using a simple SDK integration that connects directly-sold ads, header bidding, mediation, and more – all competing to advertise in your app.

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You WANT MORE, we DEMAND MORE for you.  

Playwire provides you with ACCESS to COMPETITION. Powered by using {RI} Revenue Amplification, our proprietary technology combines machine learning with human insight to continually optimize your ad stack. Playwire unifies app advertising in a way never done before, by combining Direct Sales, Deal IDs, Header Bidding, and more in a single easy solution. That’s every advertising demand source, competing for your inventory in a unified auction, with one integration.

As Easy As 1-2-3. 

  1. Pick the types of ads that fit your app
  2. Add the Playwire SDK, swapping out the GAM SDK if you have it
  3. Playwire takes care of the rest - automatically!



App Revenue Amplification that's SIMPLIFIED for you. 

You WANT it, we WORK for it. Playwire can manage your integration, multiply your demand sources, and simplify it all for you. We've got you covered. When you partner with Playwire, you'll reap the benefits of gaining a full team with over 15 years of experience and industry-leading technology to propel your business forward. 


Global Direct Sales

With offices spanning from San Francisco to Singapore, Playwire’s direct sales team brings top brand and advertiser partnerships – and their premium ad dollars – straight to you.


Development Team

Our software engineers drive results for you by constantly integrating new advertising demand sources and advancing Playwire’s unique {RI} Revenue Intelligence® technology.


Partner Success

Our partner success team works with you to understand your apps, identify advertising opportunities, and rapidly deploy our simple technical integration so you can start generating more revenue right away.


Ad Ops

The Playwire Ad Ops team optimizes direct campaigns, managing inventory and key metrics to make sure every direct ad buyer returns to us to fulfill their next campaign. Ad Ops also applies our Data Management Platform to identify audience segments crucial to direct advertisers.


Yield Ops

A full team is dedicated to tapping into advertising exchanges, optimizing pricing rules, ad load speed, monitoring ad quality, and otherwise ensuring your inventory is receiving the highest bids.



As one of a small set of Google Certified Publisher Partners, Playwire receives special training and access to Google beta features that expand the monetization opportunities we can offer.

High Impact App Ad Formats

Drive higher CPM's and engage your users.












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Playwire's RAMP® Mobile SDK Demands More For You. 

Unlock the full revenue potential of every ad impression in your app. Playwire works with over fifty ad exchanges to increase competition for your inventory.

Key Features

  • Armed with 20+ Header Bidders
  • 9  Key Mediation Partners + growing 
  • Access to Direct Sales - Premium Revenue to gain brand dollars
  • Upfront Revenue Share - Full transparency from day one with us!


Are you ready to RAMP up your App Revenue? 

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