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Welcome to our Ad Layout Optimization training course!

In this course, we’ll teach you the strategies behind choosing the perfect ad placements, educate you on best practices, and guide you through setting your own unique ad layout.

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Why Ad Layout Matters

Before jumping into specific ad layout recommendations, we’ll first discuss why ad placement really matters.

There are a few key reasons why every publisher should be concerned with ad layout and density, and most of them tie directly back to your ability to earn revenue.

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Ad Layout Best Practices

Before digging into specific ad placements, we'll first explore the two categories of ad formats you could choose to serve: video and display ads, as well as best practices for ad layout based on:

Once you've completed the lessons within this course, review and download the Best Practices Checklist.

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Strategies for Improving Viewability

In this module, we’ll break down a variety of strategies for improving the viewability of your ads. The lessons include:

Once you've completed the lessons within this course, review and download the Strategies for Improving Viewability Checklist.

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Practice Shifting Placements

In this module, we’ll walk through several examples of ads on a page and see how shifting placements can improve the overall experience.

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Ad Layout Templates

At Playwire, we have found that the foundation of how you choose to structure your ad units on a page can be broken down into two categories: 

  • Pages with heavy scroll behavior
  • Pages where a user interacts with a specific element on your page without much scrolling

In this video, we’ll discuss both page structures and outline the best options for ad layout.

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Ad Layout

Article: Ad Layout Optimization

Read best practices, based on Playwire expert insights, to optimize your ad layout and revenue generation.

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Ad Layout Recommendations Engine

Get custom ad layout recommendations by website type.


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