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Ad Tech Stack

Learn more about the evolution of the publisher ad tech stack and the components that make it up.

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Header Bidding

Access all of our resources on header bidding from basics to detailed guidance.

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Ad Server

Learn more about ad servers and how they function within the ad tech ecosystem.

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Ad Exchange

Learn more about how the definition of an ad exchange has changed over time, and what they can do for publishers.

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Visit the programmatic advertising resource center to access content about how programmatic works.

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Video Ads

Learn more about how video fits into the ad tech stack and how video ads can influence revenue.

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Get more information about creating and managing your ads.txt file.

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Google Ad Manager

Get access to all of our resources and templates for Google Ad Manager users.

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Build vs. Buy

Considering whether you should build your tech stack in-house? Check out the build vs. buy series.

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GA4 Tutorials

Learn more about how to use Google Analytics 4.

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Learn more about incorporating a Data Management Platform into your tech stack.

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Google AdSense

Get access to all of our resources for Google AdSense users.

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Ad Network

Get access to all of our resources on Ad Networks.

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