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What is

Chartboost is an in-app monetization platform that focuses on providing its users with high-tech tools and serious demand from advertisers around the world.

All About


It’s fairly easy to get started with Chartboost. Among the platform's recommended practices for quick approval time, they list basic requirements such as no prohibited content, use of bot traffic, and IP violations. But they also encourage anyone interested in working with them to reach out to their support team.

Benefits for Publishers

Firstly, Chartboost is one of a select few partners that allow publishers to monetize on the Amazon app store. They also offer specialty services to help publishers attract premium demand sources with their in-house ad ops teams.

Chartboost supports all established ad formats, and they invest significantly in preparing for emerging ad formats in order to provide publishers with support for the latest advertising innovations.

Chartboost also provides reporting and insights through fully-transparent access to granular analytics. The result is a better understanding of campaign performance that can inform strategy.


Chartboost has only two reviews on TrustRadius, but they are both positive. The platform’s overall rating is 9 out of 10 stars. However, on G2, they have a rating of just 2 out of 5 stars. Reviewers on this platform complained mainly poor customer service.

That being said, some of the leading mobile developers monetize their apps with Chartboost, including rollic, HalfBrick, and Outfit7.

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