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What is

Epsilon, which acquired Conversant in 2014, is a company that specializes in providing innovative digital marketing and brand-building products and experiences.

All About


The Epsilon tech suite is available to agencies and other users for a monthly fee. There are currently no free trials available and plans range from small business to enterprise pricing models.

Benefits for Publishers

Epsilon has several key features for publishers:

Advanced targeting capabilities — because of its large bank of consumer data, publishers can deliver highly targeted ad campaigns. This means higher relevancy and possible engagement rates, which yields a good return on ad inventory.

Enhanced personalization — Publishers can deploy ultra-personalized and customized audience experiences through Conversant. Audience segmentation, behavioral targeted, and more take user preference into account to enhance the ad experience.

Omnichannel reach — Epsilon supports display ads, mobile ads, video ads, and email marketing.

Performance tracking — Epsilon technology has real-time ad campaign tracking, which enables data-driven decisions and timely strategy tweaks. 

A network for monetization opportunities — The Epsilon advertising network gives publishers access to a range of advertisers and demand sources. There is also a matching mechanism to pair the right publishers with the right advertisers, which can increase ad fill rates.


Epsilon Digital Media Solutions has three stars out of five on G2. Customer concerns tend to relate to the size of the company and results, but positive reviews call out efficiency, outreach, branding power, and customer support.

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