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InMobi is one of the most popular app monetization partners. They support their publishers with a four-step approach: understand, identify, engage, and enquire. The team at InMobi has tools and resources designed to help publishers improve their ad yield.

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InMobi won’t work with publishers whose apps depict any restricted or prohibited content. Their guidelines describe prohibited content as anything depicting violence, obscenity, illicit or controlled substances, hate speech, weaponry, or gambling.

Benefits for Publishers

Firstly, publishers using InMobi will be able to access worldwide demand. The platform boasts over 200 DSPs and over 5,000 programmatic buyers, many of whom are connected to the biggest brands in the world. 

Additionally, InMobi’s SDK is exceptionally functional. The platform supports multiple ad formats like rich format, video, and customizable native. Plus, the dynamic pricing and campaign optimization focus allow publishers to get better bids and increase the value of their inventory.


Reviews of InMobi are predominantly positive. The company has a 3.3 out of 5-star rating on G2 and a 9.2 out of 10-star rating on TrustRadius. Some reviewers complained about InMobi’s PPC and eCMP value, but the platform received plenty of positive reviews for its user-friendly interface and setup process.

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