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What is

Magnite, previously known as Rubicon, is the biggest independent SSP on the market. It provides publishers with tools to maximize ad revenue across a wide range of channels, with a focus on connected TV demand sources.

All About


Since Magnite is one of the largest SSPs available, they have a minimum traffic requirement of 5 million pageviews per month.

Benefits for Publishers

Publishers working with Magnite get access to a unique set of benefits. The platform has comprehensive reporting capabilities that can provide insight into specific performance analytics. Publishers also benefit from Magnite’s private marketplace, preferred deals, and programmatic guaranteed campaigns. 

Additionally, Magnite provides a unique level of control over inventory sales with invitation-only strategic auction packaging.


Magnite's platform has an 8 out of 10-star rating on TrustRadius with many reviewers praising the accessible and user-friendly interface. However, on G2, the platform has a 3 out of 5-star rating due to some reviewers complaining about low fill rates.

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