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Neustar Fabrick

What is
Neustar Fabrick?

Fabrick is a marketing analytics solution provided by the identity resolution company, Neustar. The system, which was called Marketshare until 2015, helps publishers develop strong connections with advertisers by facilitating better cookieless strategies that improve revenue.

All About
Neustar Fabrick


There are no minimum traffic requirements to use Neustar Fabrick. To become a partner, fill out the information on the contact form to get in touch with a sales representative who will help you get started.

Benefits for Publishers

Fabrick provides publishers with a better way to measure users across platforms and channels. The platform contains a wide range of ways to connect your inventory with the right advertisers while optimizing audience targeting and campaign strategies.

Some of the leading benefits for publishers who use Neustar Fabrick include better protections for user data and first-party subscriber data, scalable cookieless media addressability, and access to hundreds of connections with premium buyers. 

The end result: increased performance of inventory across platforms, optimized strategies, and higher CPMs.

Neustar Fabrick

Although Neustar Fabrick doesn’t currently have any reviews on their G2 and TrustRadius profiles, the company has a solid history of helping its clients reach their goals. Some of the companies that have benefitted from the platform include SAS Airlines, STX, Allstate, and Universal McCann.

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