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What is

Pixalate is an ad fraud protection service platform that provides privacy compliance and analytics services to prepare you for a cookieless world.

All About


Publishers who want to work with Pixalate can do so by submitting a demo request on the company’s website. The contact form asks a few fundamental questions about your business and needs before connecting you with a representative.

Benefits for Publishers

Pixalate offers publishers a wide range of analytics and compliance tools to improve reputation and brand safety. 

Within the Media Ratings Terminal, Pixalate users can access the discovery tool, where they can learn critical information about millions of data points across the digital landscape. These data points span all platforms, including CTV, apps, and sites, and include reports on privacy, compliance, threats, traffic, and safety concerns. 

With programmatic analytics, publishers can increase advertiser trust in their transactions. The analytics platform is omnichannel and identifies invalid traffic (IVT) for millions of apps, sites, and OTT devices across the world. 

Pixalate’s ad-fraud-blocking solution is the only one of its kind. It restricts over 40 types of IVT across multiple channels and protects the supply chain to increase trust.


Pixalate has a 3.5 out of 5-star rating on G2, where reviewers compliment the software’s user-friendliness and effectiveness. However, some reviewers also noted that all the information provided is intended to support reactive measures rather than preventative or proactive ones. 

Their customers include some of the largest companies in the industry including PubMatic and Criteo as well as major websites such as LinkedIn and Yahoo!.

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