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SpringServe is the world’s foremost independent platform and ecosystem for open video ad serving. Broadcasters, OTT, DSPs, ATDs, mobile developers, syndicators, SSPs, and publishers benefit from its wide range of video-first solutions.

All About


To work with SpringServe, a publisher must ensure their traffic is high-quality. SpringServe is laser-focused on providing a safe experience for advertisers, buyers, and publishers alike, so it’s important to adhere to their guidelines and read their policies before applying to avoid any obstacles in the approval process.

Benefits for Publishers

Publishers using SpringServe will gain access to a uniquely broad set of features and functionalities. 

Those in OTT and CTV environments benefit from the latest features and innovations including pod and VMAP management. The platform offers advanced control options for video ads and SpringServe’s own unified auction system Broadfall makes header bidding simple.

Finally, SpringServe’s advanced reporting capabilities provide in-depth and real-time insights and analytics that power sophisticated strategy and targeting.


SpringServe only has two reviews, but both are outstanding. The company has 5 out of 5 stars on G2 and reviewers praised its user-friendliness and reporting capabilities.

To ensure brand safety, SpringServe works with MOAT, Protected Media, Forensiq, and other security partners.

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