Introduction: What is Ad Yield Management?

Module Overview + Resources

In this module, we will provide an introduction to ad yield management.

Within the above video, we will give a brief overview of all the lessons to be learned in our introduction module including:

  • What is Ad Yield Management?
  • Why is it Important?
  • Defining Yield Ops Duties
  • Defining the Yield Ops Workflow

Here are additional resources pertaining to this lesson:

Read the Full Transcript:

Welcome to the introduction module in our Ad Yield management course. 

This first module is designed to introduce you to Ad Yield management and give you some of the basics.  

First, we're going to walk through why ad yield management is important, cover some of the goals and outcomes the team is responsible for, and what KPIs they generally measure. 

Then we'll jump into yield operations duties. We'll talk through some of the header bidding settings that the team is responsible for managing. We'll talk through price flooring, ad unit placements and settings, add quality and blocking, and supply path optimization. 

And lastly, we'll talk about how yield operations teams typically structure their workflow from strategy and hypothesis building to testing, and all the way through continuous monitoring and management.

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