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Simple enough for executives. Powerful enough for yield professionals.

  • Simple: Pre-built reports serve leadership with the push of a button.
  • Powerful: Yield ops professionals can drill down and answer detailed questions.

Combining Data
Across Systems

RAMP combines all data from disparate systems into a single place so you can make decisions based on all of the information.


Answer all of your most
important questions

Acquisition + Demographics

RAMP® allows you to break down ad revenue performance across channels. Get as granular as you want, including breaking down by:

  • Campaign
  • UTM data
  • User + environment data
  • And so much more
analytics demographics straight on wide

Content + Engagement

Understand the performance of your site content in generating ad revenue. Break down sections of your site, or drill down to the performance of a single page. See performance across dimensions like:

  • Topic
  • Author
  • Category
  • And so much more

Bidder Performance

Yield ops professionals have full visibility into every part of the bidding process to surface insights and optimize ad revenue. On a per-bidder basis, you can see things like:

  • Bid CPM
  • Number of bid requests
  • Win and bid rate
  • And so much more

don't be afraid to
get granular


Put together any combination of dimensions to dig into performance across categories.


Get side-by-side comparisons across dimensions or time frames to truly understand revenue impacts.

Advanced Yield Analytics Drive Strategic Business Decisions for GTPlanet 

I can’t overstate how important the data provided by RAMP’s Advanced Yield Analytics is for me as a publisher. It is something I’ve never seen before but always wanted. Now that I have it, I feel like I have been flying blind for the past 21 years.
Jordan Greer

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Case Study


GTPlanet doubled their ad revenue over their previous solution when they joined Playwire.


GTPlanet continues to see increases in year-over-year revenue on the order of 36% growth.

What burning
can you answer?

Content Performance

Understand which content, authors, or pages are driving revenue so you can promote and invest accordingly.

Demand Sources

Troubleshoot issues with a particular demand source by looking at granular bid data.

Supply Path

Which supply path for Advertiser X results in the highest total ad revenue from that advertiser?

Most Valuable Users

Which users drive the most value, and what dimensions determine the value of a user?

Combining Questions

How is Campaign X performing across Browser Y? How do visitors from Facebook perform on Device Z?

And so much More...

Don't let our questions limit you. Your team can answer all the questions they have with powerful, transparent analytics.

Trusted by 700+
web + app Publishers

Enthusiast Gaming
M64Plus FX
National Rail
Der Die Das
Android Authority
Brick Fanatics
Muscle & Fitness
Playwire is a tremendous partner, and their customer care is unparalleled. Playwire is always accessible to immediately address any questions or problems we have. I’ve worked with a lot of partners in my career, and I would say Playwire is one of the best in terms of focusing on the customer.
Brenan Klain
SVP of Monetization,
Our relationship with Playwire started five years ago and since day one, we have seen an impact on our revenue through better direct sales management, yield management, and management of our ad stack.
Abhi Arya
Co-Founder, Sandbox & Co.
Working with the Playwire team has been one of the easiest and most valuable parts of our business this year. Everyone is extremely collaborative, supportive, and motivated by our shared success.
Brian Dresher
VP of Strategy & Business Development, Android Authority
We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.
David Larkin
Strategy and Business Development, Letterboxd
Within the first month or so, I saw about a 20% increase in revenue, and by the time the holiday season was rolling around, the revenue was more like a 90% increase over the best month I had ever had with [my previous provider].
William Shunn
Creator and Owner, Spelling Bee Solver
Playwire has been more than open and receptive to the small sites under the LG Media Network umbrella. They’re helping us out, spending time on these smaller partners, and growing with us every step of the way.
Dylan Tarre
Owner, Lambgoat
Transparency, and understanding how my site is making money is paramount. With Playwire, I feel empowered like never before to grow my business.
Jordan Greer
Owner, GTPlanet

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