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Since Playwire’s inception 17+ years ago, our data collection and targeting capabilities have been at the core of our ability to deliver high-performing, revenue-amplifying advertising strategies for both publishers and advertisers.

Today, using all the data knowledge and expertise we have gained over the years, we are proud to offer direct access to our previously exclusive data and custom segmentation as a standalone solution for audience targeting.



Why Use Playwire's Data?
The Unique Benefits
of our Data and Audience Solutions

Exclusive Access to First-Party Data

Data from thousands of exclusive publishers.

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Data Experts

Technology backed by the best data minds in the business.

  • Hands-on approach to data
  • DMP features, functionalities, and processes that are always up-to-date
  • Immediate response time when feature updates are needed
  • Expert development and quick turnaround for custom segments
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Full-Stack Integration

Data you can be confident in.

  • All-in-one data solution
  • Integration with our proprietary DMP, Consent Management Platform (CMP), and complete publisher portfolio
  • Compliance with all state-by-state, international, and federal laws such as CCPA and GDPR
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Custom Segmentation

IAB + Custom Audience Segments

  • Audience segments based on standard IAB content and audience taxonomy 
  • Audience segments across 25+ verticals
  • Proprietary custom segments in key verticals such as real estate, gaming, and entertainment
  • Demographic, behavioral and interest-based segments
  • All data is available via Playwire's direct publisher integrations

*No data is collected on children's or kids' websites in compliance with COPPA regulations.

Reach your Target
Demographic and Vertical


Reach highly engaged audiences across various demographics and all standard IAB categories in addition to custom segments, which are built based on Playwire's exclusive first-party publisher data. Some of our most popular segments include:


Exclusive Gaming Audiences

Unique segments spanning from casual gamers to hardcore enthusiasts.

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Movie + TV + Music Segments

Granular data based on interests, broken down by genre, category, and more.

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Unique Sports Segments

Unique sporting segments from football to wrestling and everything in between.

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Real Estate

Homebuyer + Renter Data

Data on those who have recently bought, or are searching for homes or rentals.

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Reach Target Demographics

Get your campaigns in front of your target demographics.

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and so much More...

250+ Unique Segments

Data across a variety of specific verticals from travel and healthy living to business and finance.

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How to Access Playwire's
Audience Segments


All Major DSPs

Playwire’s data is currently available through all major DSPs including, but not limited to, DV360, The Trade Desk, Xandr, and MediaMath.

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Users can access Playwire’s data through LiveRamp’s open marketplace.
You can do this in one of two unique ways.
Either request access right inside LiveRamp or request the desired segments through your chosen social media platform’s campaign tool (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)
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Google Ad Manager 360

If you utilize Google Ad Manager 360 and have the Audience feature enabled, you can utilize Playwire’s data and audience segments right inside your GAM360 account.

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Your Results

Reach the right audience at the right time and drive CTR, VTR and engagement rates that you won't find anywhere else.

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