Diversity, Equity and Inclusion when Reaching Digital Audiences

How the ad tech industry is evolving to solve challenges in reaching culturally diverse and representative audiences with digital ads.

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What was

Why it Matters

Learn more about the importance of reaching culturally diverse audiences with digital ads, and why the industry needs to support it.

Technology Limitations

What is the current state of ad tech, including what is and isn't possible today in making equity a reality? 

Tech Stack

Find out what each link in the ad tech chain is doing to address the challenges in front of them.

Data Privacy

The dynamics between collecting the data which allows us to understand audiences at this level of detail and maintaining privacy in a cookie-less future.

Shortening the Chain

Shortening (or streamlining) the chain between advertisers and publishers will be key in moving forward.

Effects on Publishers

Understand more about what these changes mean for publishers at the very end of the ad call chain.

Who are the

Justin Barton

SVP, Digital Strategy & Partnerships at Black Enterprise

Justin has a long career, specializing in digital analytics, strategy, and finance in the media and product industries working with agencies, publishers and networks to analyze, optimize and develop innovative ideas to increase business performance.

18 Years in Ad Tech

Justin Barton

Carlos Sanchez

Associate Director of D&I, Starcomm

Carlos leads the DEI strategy for Starcom across all programmatic media buying, and is working to move major initiatives forward this year.

8 Years in Ad Tech

Carlos Sanchez

Carol Castillo-Frucher

Senior Director, Multicultural Strategy Lead, OMD USA

Carol is currently leading Multicultural Strategy & Insights for McDonald’s and OMD, with a history of leading multicultural initiatives across her career.

20 Years in Ad Tech

Carol Castillo

Nathan Thomas

Senior Vice President, Ad Operations & Platform Solutions at Playwire

Nathan is leading efforts to build the necessary data collection and management tools that will facilitate the ability of publishers and advertisers to work together efforts to reach diverse audiences.

14 Years in Ad Tech


Leroy Holland

Vice President of Programmatic Direct Sales, Playwire

Leroy is a key leader in our own internal initiatives to expand capabilities of technology to support diversity, equity and inclusion in advertising.

18 Years in Ad Tech


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