How Giant Freakin Robot Achieves Unbeatable Ad revenue

Average Pageview CPM

Over the course of their partnership with Playwire, the GFR team has seen a 110% increase in average Pageview CPM.

Video Units
Higher CPMS

Innovative video units have significantly improved ad revenue, with video units bringing in 568% higher CPMs than traditional display.

Giant Freakin Robot

GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT is a premium publisher of in-depth content on the world of the future in technology, science, and entertainment. They are focused on what matters most and driven by a passion for what’s on the next horizon. Their work helps our readers understand where humanity’s going and what’s coming next.

“From day one, Playwire has always delivered me exactly what they’ve told me they were going to.”

Josh Tyler
Owner, Giant Freakin Robot


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a good thing

Josh Tyler, Owner of GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, has been a long-time customer of Playwire. Back in 2010, when he was the owner and operator of Cinema Blend, he worked with Playwire for ad management. Together, Josh and Playwire took Cinema Blend’s revenue to incredible heights and he sold the website in 2016.


Knowing he’d get exactly what he needed, Josh came back to Playwire in 2019 when he launched GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT. In the short hiatus Josh had taken as publisher, Playwire had made significant improvements and added plenty of new features to their RAMP Platform.

I was blown away by the changes to the platform in just a few years, and saw exponential improvements in ad revenue. Playwire is constantly innovating and improving their platform, making it a no-brainer to continue working with them.
Josh Tyler
Owner, Giant Freakin Robot

A True

Because of the runaway success of GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, Josh is no stranger to pitches from other ad management solutions seeking to gain his business. He regularly receives offers attempting to draw him away from the RAMP Platform, but none of them remotely come close to the benefits and revenue he receives from Playwire.

I’m constantly receiving pitches from other solutions looking to get me to leave Playwire, but the pitches they send would have me receiving only about 5% of the revenue I get when working with Playwire. They truly have no idea what the RAMP Platform is capable of.

Josh Tyler
Owner, Giant Freakin Robot


The Bottom Line
Unbeatable Ad Revenue

There is nobody else that can beat what Playwire does. There are plenty of solutions that will promise to do it, but none will deliver at their level.
Josh Tyler
Owner, Giant Freakin Robot

Josh trusts Playwire because the team keeps its promises and the technology delivers unbeatable ad revenue. What’s not to love?

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