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Hashed Email
An Unlikely Hero

The moment that it became clear that the digital landscape as we’ve always known it would soon no longer include the collection of third-party cookies, there began an industry-wide search to find a new way to continue safely and effectively identifying and collecting user data. From that search emerged an unlikely hero: hashed email.

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Introducing PLAYWIRE’S

Learn more about the simple implementation, benefits, and unique capabilities of Playwire’s Hashed Email API from Playwire CTO, Nick Branstator.

What is it?

Playwire's Hashed Email API turns a user's email address into an encrypted identifier, and then shares that identifier up the chain with media buyers. Everybody wins:

  • Media buyers can better target ads, and so are willing to spend more.
  • User data is completely protected.

How Email Hashing Works

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The Benefits of Hashed Email

Sessions with a hashed email address generate 2x higher CPMs on average.

Why? Advertisers will pay more for:

  • Cross-device and cross-browser tracking.
  • More reliable tracking than third-party cookies.
  • More accuracy when defining audience segments.

More Hashed Email Benefits

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What Makes Playwire's Solution Unique?

In addition to the benefits listed above, Playwire’s Hashed Email API includes:

  • Simple on-page code implementation
  • Increased reliability
  • Privacy law compliance
  • Better audience segmentation via integration with our proprietary DMP
  • Data collaboration with major identity providers including LiveRamp and The Trade Desk

Explore Playwire's Hashed Email API

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