How Letterboxd Increased YoY App Revenue With Playwire


The Challenge

Letterboxd had seen a huge growth in use of their app, and had struggled to effectively manage ad revenue with the free ad monetization platform they were using.

The Solution

Letterboxd was looking for an SDK that provided a seamless ad management experience and generated higher ROI than their free solution. The RAMP for App Platform met all their requirements and more.

243% Increase

By moving their app monetization strategy over to Playwire's RAMP for App Platform, Letterboxd was able to realize an additional 243% YoY ad revenue increase compared to their previous solution.

50% Increase

Increased competition from additional demand, as well as the addition of unique app ad units that advertisers pay a premium for resulted in significantly higher CPMs.


Letterboxd is a global social network for grassroots film discussion and discovery. With an app interface boasting a large user base, it can be used as a diary to record and share opinions about films as someone watches them, or just keep track of films that were seen in the past. It allows users to showcase favorites on their profile page, rate, review and tag films as they add them.

Scaling Up
Advertising Efforts

Letterboxd worked with Playwire to incorporate the RAMP SDK into their app, allowing them to take advantage of demand from 10 mediation partners that they hadn't yet tapped.

In addition, the switch to Playwire from the free app monetization platform they had been using allowed Letterboxd access to both direct sales deals as well as premium ad units they had never before tested in their app interface.

The increased competition from additional demand, as well as the addition of unique app ad units that advertisers pay a premium for resulted significant increases in average CPM over the free app monetization provider Letterboxd had been previously using, ultimately resulting in a 243% increase in ad revenue.

“We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.”

David Larkin
Strategy and Business Development, Letterboxd



Letterboxd partnered with Playwire because the RAMP SDK had everything they needed to monetize more effectively in a single place.

Direct Sales

The addition of premium ad units made it much easier for Letterboxd to participate in the direct sales deals sourced by the Playwire team, significantly increasing CPMs.

In-App Header Bidding

Playwire's in-app header bidding solutions combined demand from top app mediation partners to drive greater competition and higher yield for app ads.

Premium Ad Units

RAMP for App delivered all the high-impact ad units Letterboxd needed to increase CPMs and yield, including native ads, interstitials, rewarded ads, and playable ads.

Letterboxd had huge potential for revenue amplification - they have a huge reach and a deep understanding of their fanbase. By implementing a combination of header bidding, ad monetization, audience segmentation, and direct sales we helped them realize that potential in their app as well as their website.
Jayson Dubin
CEO, Playwire

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