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How Monsters and Critics has Scaled Ad Revenue with Playwire

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Monsters and Critics Case Study


↑ Immediate 30% Increase in Revenue

Immediately upon switching to Playwire, Monsters and Critics saw a 30% increase in total ad revenue.

↑ Flex Leaderboard Drives 19x Higher CPMs

On average, Monsters and Critics sees 19x higher CPMs for Flex Leaderboard units than for traditional display.

 Flexibility & Responsiveness

The level of responsiveness and attention provided by Playwire’s Partner Success team is key to the success of the relationship.

 Site Speed & Integration

The simplicity of integration, lightweight code, and technology to support fast ad delivery has supported the massive growth of Monsters and Critics.

About Monsters and Critics

Monsters and Critics was founded in 2003 and has been one of the internet’s leading sources of niche entertainment news for nearly two decades. The site has a special focus on Reality TV and Showbiz and caters to a robust, diverse community of readers. Over the last few years, the site has grown exponentially, reaching upwards of 20 million pageviews per month.

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Scaling Up

Monsters and Critics has been working with Playwire for about three years. Over the course of the relationship, traffic has grown significantly from about 5 million monthly pageviews to nearly 20 million.

Higher Revenue Than Ever Before

“The platform is incredibly simple. Everything just works. And our revenue is higher than with any other solution we’ve tested.”

James Wray, Owner, Monsters and Critics

James Wray

The simplicity of the RAMP platform, scalability of the technology, and lightweight integration have been essential in ensuring not only that Monsters and Critics maintains pageview CPMs, but continues to increase them even as the site grows.

“Integrating Playwire’s code is simple and keeps our page fast and lightweight, something that has been incredibly valuable as we’ve scaled.”

- James Wray, Owner, Monsters and Critics

A True Partnership

One of the most important parts of the relationship for the Monsters and Critics team is the support they receive from the experts on the Playwire team. From Partner Success to Tech Support and Yield Ops, the team quickly solves problems and helps to ensure ad revenue is always improving.

For the Monsters and Critics team, the decision to work with Playwire is simple. The revenue the platform drives, and the support behind the platform are unmatched in the industry.

A Reliable Partner

“It is so hard to find a reliable partner in this industry. It is filled with start-ups and plenty of people who will make false promises. Falling victim to such promises usually means sacrificing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. For us, Playwire has been the reliable partner we’ve always wanted.”

James Wray, Owner, Monsters and Critics

James Wray

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