New product alert! We’re here to announce our latest ad unit available right now for publishers. It’s the in-article native ad unit.

What is the in-article native ad unit?

This is a display ad unit that appears between paragraphs of text within an article on a webpage or between other text-based content. It’s a native unit which means it seamlessly flows within the content itself for a less disruptive experience.

Seems cool! Can I see it in action? Of course! Check out this demo below.

What are the benefits of using this ad unit?

Advertising brands across the board are buying ad placements based on high viewability scores. That means, as a publisher, you need high viewability to land the best ads and CPMs.

The in-article ad unit essentially has 100% viewability because it’s natively integrated into the reader’s natural flow with your webpage. With it being placed between paragraphs of text the reader will naturally see the ad as they continue to scroll and read.

And since this ad unit is in view longer it monetizes better compared to other ad units.

Better viewability equals higher revenue potential. Some of our publishers have seen a 10%-15% increase in revenue since adding the in-article ad unit to their website!


Will this ad unit affect my website’s user experience (UX)?

As much as we want our publishers to make as much revenue as possible, we also want to keep the user experience in mind. With this ad unit, the user experience will not be hindered in a negative way. The ad unit is seamlessly placed within a group of text so the webpage isn’t over-cluttered with advertisements.

What do I have to do to get this ad unit on my site?

This unit is extremely easy to implement as it takes zero work on the publisher’s part. All you have to do is let your account manager know you’re interested in this ad unit and voilà! the ad unit is on your site! …Maybe not quite that fast but you get the idea. 🙂

If you’re a current Playwire Publisher and want this ad unit implemented on your website, click here to email your Publisher Relations Team.

If you’re not a current Playwire Publisher and want more information on this or any of our other products to optimize and monetize your website or digital property, please reach out using our contact form, here.