How OP.GG Created an entirely new revenue stream

maximum competition
SSPs Competing

There are now more than 20 SSPs bidding for OP.GG’s desktop app inventory.

direct sales
Higher CPMS for Direct Buys

On average, OP.GG sees 11x higher CPMs for directly sold inventory than for traditionally programmatic demand.

video ads
Higher CPMS for Video Ads

On average, OP.GG sees 15x higher CPMs for Trendi video units than for traditional display.


OP.GG first started as a League of Legends stats search engine in 2012 and has grown into a global gaming platform that provides inspiring and significant data, as well as user-friendly experiences to gamers.

Missing a Key Avenue
for Revenue

OP.GG had been monetizing their website and mobile apps for years but had an entire audience using their desktop app that they had not yet been able to successfully monetize.

Because most demand providers do not monetize desktop apps or do not have the technology set up to allow them to receive demand, that entire audience had gone un-monetized for years…Until OP.GG found Playwire.

Playwire has opened up an entirely new revenue stream for the OP.GG desktop app, which accounts for a significant portion of our audience.
Pilsoo Shin
OP.GG Ad Specialist

with Playwire

At the beginning of 2022, OP.GG began monetizing their desktop app with Playwire. Starting simple, they added two display units and one video unit to test the waters.

OP.GG Screenshot

Playwire was able to work with SSP partners to allow OP.GG’s desktop app inventory to be sold over the open exchange. More than 20 SSPs now compete to bid on OP.GG’s desktop app inventory, driving significant competition and maximizing CPMs.

The Revenue
is Rolling In

In addition to programmatic inventory, Playwire’s direct sales team has also been able to provide significant revenue for the desktop app. In the six months since OP.GG has been monetizing with Playwire, more than 10 major brands have run either video or display campaigns on their application.
In fact, OP.GG is on track for its desktop app to add a significant sum to the organization’s revenue, a welcome addition for a revenue stream that didn’t exist a year ago.

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