RAMP's Price Floor Controller

A scientific approach to price flooring.

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The old Way vs.
the {RI} Way

The Old Way


Price floors used to be static pricing rules applied generically across your inventory.

The {RI} Way


RAMP's built in Price Floor Controller dynamically changes your price floors, based on each unique set of circumstances, on each impression, to maximize CPMs.

The Old Way


Price floors used to be limited by the number of allowed Unified Pricing Rules (200) in Google Ad Manager.

The {RI} Way


RAMP's Price Floor Controller can create an unlimited number of custom rules that can be dynamically applied, typically clocking in at about 1.2 Million rules per website.

The Old Way


In the past, price floors had to be controlled, changed, and managed entirely manually.

The {RI} Way


RAMP's Price Floor Controller automatically adjusts your price floors to fit the situation, generating higher CPMs on each individual impression.

The Old Way

Trial and error

Finding the ideal price floor has always been a trial and error game, slowly shifting your rules and testing new ones.

The {RI} Way

Machine Learning

Now, machine learning accelerates the process and dynamically selects appropriate price floors as it learns with lightning speed.

I'll just take
the data

The proof is in the pudding. See just how much of a difference the Price Floor Controller has made for publishers across our network.

price floors
per website

On average, the Price Floor Controller calculates and maintains about 1.2M different price floor rules per website.

PV CPM Increase

On average, publishers across our network see a 20% increase in Pageview CPM on display ads when using the PFC.

Price floor adjustments

Across the entire Playwire network, the PFC is making over 25 Billion price floor adjustments on a yearly basis.

How it

Gather Data

The PFC gathers data from across the Playwire network, and from your specific site, to inform decisions about which impressions, users, and conditions are the most valuable.

Price Floor Controller

Adjust Price Floors

Based on learning, the PFC automatically changes price floors based on thousands of combinations of key factors that influence the value of an impression.


Dynamic Changes

The PFC works in the background, dynamically changing price floors on every ad call to maximize yield.

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We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.
David Larkin
Strategy and Business Development


Case Study


Increase in ad revenue.

Web + App

{RI} amplified revenue.

Trusted by Thousands of
web + app Publishers

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The revenue impact that Playwire delivered was truly incredible. With such a smooth setup, we were blown away with the full solution they brought to the table from direct sales, revenue amplification to analysis.
Brenan Klain
CMO at Chess.com
Playwire increased revenue so much they almost immediately paid for themselves, and then began driving additional profit for ABCya.
Lisa Tortolani
Vice President, ABCya
Working with the Playwire team has been one of the easiest and most valuable parts of our business this year. Everyone is extremely collaborative, supportive, and motivated by our shared success.
Brian Dresher
VP of Strategy & Business Development, Android Authority
Our relationship with Playwire started two years ago and since day one, we have seen an impact on our revenue through better direct sales management, yield management and management of our ad stack.
Abhi Arya
Co-Founder of Sandbox & Co.
I was blown away by the changes to the platform in just a few years, and saw exponential improvements in ad revenue. Playwire is constantly innovating and improving their platform, making it a no-brainer to continue working with them.
Josh Tyler
Playwire is invaluable because they create less stress for me as a leader. They completely take any concerns about ad ops off my plate.
Tommy Le
Product Manager at Manta.com
We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.
David Larkin
Strategy and Business Development at Letterboxd
Switching to Playwire has effectively increased our ad revenue by about 50%.
Jah Raphael
Owner and Founder, Raider.IO

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