Balancing the Needs of Real Estate Websites

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A Delicate Balance

Real estate websites and apps offer a unique experience, one dominated by a delicate balance of revenue streams and user experience.

  • Ad revenue must be maximized without disrupting primary revenue streams
  • Ad layout concerns must be heavily balanced with user experience requirements to maintain that balance
  • Highly interactive experiences offer additional challenges, and opportunities, to ad injection logic

Data Sales

Open the doors to more revenue.

With a full data sales solution, we work behind the scenes to help you drive more revenue from your audience. Drive higher CPMs with:

  • Data Management Platform: Participate in audience buys for lucrative direct sales deals.
  • First-party data: Inclusion in public-facing audience segments for advertiser targeting.

Insanely smart tech

Ad tech that drives more revenue. Period.

Get access to the most advanced tech stack available, backed by 17+ years of experimentation and innovation.

  • Revenue Intelligence® {RI}: AI algorithms drive higher revenue on each impression.
  • Data Management Platform: Maximizing revenue from exclusive first-party audience data.
  • Unique custom creative formats: Facilitate revenue from direct sales.

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