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Revenue Intelligence Amplifies Ad Revenue

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Revenue Intelligence

Rev·e·nue In·tel·li·gence

[ˈrevəˌn(y)o͞o inˈteləjəns]


The art and science of maximizing revenue from existing sources making millions of micro-setting adjustment decisions on each ad impression.

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A single impression means
Millions of Decisions

By treating each page load (and the many variables associated with it) as a unique experience, and toggling settings that affect ad revenue, {RI} drives major increases in ad revenue.

User Data Values

There are thousands of different user data points that can affect the value of an impression including interests, bounce rates, session duration, click rates, and more.


Multiply that by hundreds of different variables that can affect ad revenue and placement like refresh count, browser, device type, geographic location, and more.

Settings to Adjust

Multiplied by hundreds of different settings you can tweak to maximize revenue on the many tools across the ad tech stack like price floors, refresh rates, timeouts, bidder order, and more.


Resulting in millions of different decisions that can be made on each impression, each adding incremental revenue to your CPMs.

How {RI} is Amplifying
Your Revenue

Price Floor Controller (PFC)

RAMP's built in Price Floor Controller automatically sets price floors on a per-impression basis, to the tune of 1.2 MILLION price floor changes per day, to ensure you get maximum CPMs on each impression.

About the PFC


Header Bidding Settings

There are hundreds of settings that can be changed on your auction to maximize revenue. Instead of static settings, {RI} tweaks header bidding settings on each ad call to get the most out of your auction.

RI-Header Bidding-1

Cost Reduction

Every tool in the ad tech stack comes with fees. We put machine learning to work to selectively reduce ad fulfillment costs in situations where it isn't helping add incremental revenue.

RI cost reduction image wide

{RI} Drives
Revenue for You

Using the power of AI and Machine Learning, Revenue Intelligence algorithms mine the data to come up with optimal combinations of settings to tweak on each and every impression to maximize your CPMs.


We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.
David Larkin
Strategy and Business Development


Case Study


Increase in ad revenue.

Web + App

{RI} amplified revenue.

The {RI}
Revenue Intelligence

The intersection of human and machine intelligence.

Trusted by Thousands of
web + app Publishers

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The revenue impact that Playwire delivered was truly incredible. With such a smooth setup, we were blown away with the full solution they brought to the table from direct sales, revenue amplification to analysis.
Brenan Klain
CMO at
Playwire increased revenue so much they almost immediately paid for themselves, and then began driving additional profit for ABCya.
Lisa Tortolani
Vice President, ABCya
Working with the Playwire team has been one of the easiest and most valuable parts of our business this year. Everyone is extremely collaborative, supportive, and motivated by our shared success.
Brian Dresher
VP of Strategy & Business Development, Android Authority
Our relationship with Playwire started two years ago and since day one, we have seen an impact on our revenue through better direct sales management, yield management and management of our ad stack.
Abhi Arya
Co-Founder of Sandbox & Co.
I was blown away by the changes to the platform in just a few years, and saw exponential improvements in ad revenue. Playwire is constantly innovating and improving their platform, making it a no-brainer to continue working with them.
Josh Tyler
Playwire is invaluable because they create less stress for me as a leader. They completely take any concerns about ad ops off my plate.
Tommy Le
Product Manager at
We saw results immediately and have seen both premium demand and programmatic revenue from their killer combination of direct sales and full-stack revenue amplification.
David Larkin
Strategy and Business Development at Letterboxd
Switching to Playwire has effectively increased our ad revenue by about 50%.
Jah Raphael
Owner and Founder, Raider.IO

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