How Sandbox Achieved a 150% Revenue Increase with Playwire


The Challenge

Sandbox and Co. wanted to increase digital ad revenue while reducing operating costs associated with running both an ad technology team and a global direct ad sales team.

The Solution

Sandbox and Co. chose to partner with Playwire to leverage their technologies and experienced sales relationships.

150% Increase

Sandbox experienced a 150% year-over-year growth in revenue across their sites.

30% Reduction

Partnering with Playwire also allowed Sandbox to see a 30% reduction in operational expenses.

Sandbox & Co.

Sandbox & Co. is focused on bringing families and educators the best digital experiences in a safe environment. By combining 21st-century skill sets with cutting-edge technology, gamification, and personalization, their goal is to create a world where everyone is empowered to learn.

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product offering

Sandbox and Co. is an online publishing company that manages a portfolio of education sites on mobile, over-the-top media, desktop, and app platforms. Sandbox and Co. wanted to increase digital ad revenue while reducing operating costs associated with running both an ad technology team and a global direct ad sales team. They sought to partner with a digital advertising partner capable of handling the scale and complexity of their diverse product offerings.

Our relationship with Playwire started two years ago and since day one, we have seen an impact on our revenue through better direct sales management, yield management, and management of our ad stack. They have worked collaboratively at each and every step of the way to improve our metrics across viewability, fill rates, and CPM/RPMs. They have tools, technologies, and capabilities available that we never would have access to, like video open bidding. Playwire made it possible for us.
Abhi Arya
Co-Founder, Sandbox & Co.

What Sets

Sandbox and Co. chose to partner with Playwire, a 14-year veteran in the industry, to leverage Playwire’s technologies and experienced sales relationships. Playwire first worked with Sandbox to integrate an easy-to-deploy technology across Sandbox's entire portfolio of media properties.

Playwire then revamped Sandbox's monetization strategy through Playwire's Direct Sales channels. All Sandbox properties had immediate access to Private Marketplace, programmatic guaranteed, and direct deals found exclusively on the Playwire platform.

Playwire’s Yield Ops team reworked the Sandbox legacy ad pricing logic, reviewed policy compliance, adopted Google Open Bidding and Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace, and integrated 3 times the number of header bidding partners. Sandbox also adopted Playwire's proprietary video content and ad monetization product, Trendi, to access high video CPMs across all sites.

how much

50% increase in revenue

Sandbox saw a 50% increase in revenue in the first month of their trusted partnership.

150% growth on sites

With Playwire’s video technology across all sites, Sandbox’s revenue uplift was complemented by an increase in page speed and CPMs, garnering better results than Sandbox had anticipated.

30% reduction in operational expenses

From February 2018 to May 2020, Sandbox experienced a 30% reduction in operational expenses.

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