Harnessing the power of App Advertising Technology to Maximize Ad revenue

How to harness the powerful tools available for in-app ad monetization to maximize your revenue.

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What Was

Google Tools

Learn the primary benefits of Google's tools for app developers and how Google is driving parity between web and app technologies for monetization.


What is the difference between demand that pays on a per-impression basis and demand that pays on a performance basis?

Ad Units

Learn about the various types of ad units that are available for app publishers and which are the most lucrative.

When to Seek Support

Learn what it takes to run a sophisticated ad monetization SDK and the various benefits of having a managed service provider as an app developer. 

COPPA for App

What should COPPA app publishers consider when monetizing an app?

What's Next?

Walk away with a better understanding of where we see app advertising technology innovations heading next.

Who are the

Jayson Dubin

CEO, Playwire | Moderator

The CEO and Founder of Playwire, Jayson has more than 15 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and leader within the ad tech industry, and more than two decades of sales and marketing experience in both online and offline media. 

15+ Years in Ad Tech


Robyn Ribotsky

App Partnerships, Google | Panelist

Robyn is a Strategic Partner Manager on Google's NA Non-gaming App Partnerships team. Over the past four years, she's collaborated with the top app developers in the US, building long-term partnerships, driving publisher growth, and providing users access to high-quality, free content. She holds a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Marketing.

4 Years in Ad Tech

Robyn Ribotsky headshot

Nick Branstator

CTO, Playwire | Panelist

Nick's background providing technical oversight to organizations in a variety of web and gaming applications gave him the experience he needed to tackle the challenges of building a publisher-first platform. All of these experiences culminated in an incredibly strong desire to take something complicated and make it simple for publishers, with that requirement for simplicity being the cornerstone of product development at Playwire.

15+ Years in Ad Tech

Nick Branstator-headshot

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