What is Happening with
Ad Revenue in 2023?

Get insights directly from key leaders and experts across our team on what the heck is happening with ad revenue right now and what to expect in 2023.

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What Was

How to Analyze Ad Revenue Trends

What are ad revenue trends? What data points are helping us to accurately understand and assess ad revenue trends in 2023 compared to past years?

Seasonal Trends

While most publishers are aware that there is typically a pretty decent dropoff in revenue between December and January, sometimes just how big that dropoff is and why it happens can be overlooked.

YoY Comparisons

Looking at the drop from December to January is great for understanding relative change, but knowing the overall performance of the “high” period of December against previous years can also provide incredibly valuable insight.

Economic Trends

Many economic predictions released in the last quarter of 2022 had warnings of budget tightening in preparation for a potential recession, showing up without fail in the January performance of the industry as a whole.

Industry Outlook

Shifting from investigative to speculative, we'll take a look toward the future and try to understand how revenue might look over the course of 2023.

What else Can You Expect?

Walk away with a better understanding of what you can expect over the course of the next few months and how to best position your business for continued success in the midst of these industry-wide record lows.

Who are the

Jayson Dubin

CEO, Playwire | Moderator

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Playwire, Jayson has more than 15 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and leader within the ad tech industry, and more than two decades of sales and marketing experience in both online and offline media. 

15+ Years in Ad Tech


Anthony Berrena

CRO, Playwire | Panelist

Anthony has been with Playwire for more than a decade and currently serves as Chief Revenue Officer. He is responsible for overseeing Playwire's worldwide direct and programmatic sales team as well as the business development team.

12+ Years in Ad Tech

Anthony Berrena-headshot

Nick Branstator

CTO, Playwire | Panelist

Nick's background providing technical oversight to organizations in a variety of web and gaming applications gave him the experience he needed to tackle the challenges of building a publisher-first platform. All of these experiences culminated in an incredibly strong desire to take something complicated and make it simple for publishers, with that requirement for simplicity being the cornerstone of product development at Playwire.

15+ Years in Ad Tech

Nick Branstator-headshot

Noah Forster

CPO, Playwire | Panelist

A Playwire team member for more than 10 years, Noah has an extensive background in and knowledge of creative services and product development. Noah's overarching responsibilities within Playwire include driving and helping to shape all product vision and strategy as well as assuring that our publishers have all the tools they need to streamline their operations and amplify their revenue.

10+ Years in Ad Tech


Anthony Alexander

Global EVP of Sales, Playwire | Panelist

Anthony is an experienced business development professional with a focus on global communication strategies, digital advertising, branding, and content creation. Anthony's areas of expertise include market development, mobile marketing solutions, strategic development, market analytics, and business and brand building.

7+ Years in Ad Tech

Anthony A.

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