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Freestar is a monetization partner for content publishers, e-commerce sites, and app developers. The company simplifies the challenges of ad monetizing websites and apps by leveraging a blend of programmatic header bidding, private marketplace deals, and a unified analytics platform.

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Freestar has a comprehensive approach to partnerships, but to find specific qualifications or criteria for working with them, connect with the Freestar team for more information. Publishers interested in partnering with Freestar can learn more by visiting their website.

Benefits for Publishers

Freestar offers many benefits for publishers. They provide customized ad stack solutions for each partner, ensuring optimized monetization across devices.

They also offer access to industry experts with specific expertise in machine learning tools that can help maximize revenue. Freestar aids in areas like viewability, ad recovery, A/B testing, and flex-size placements.

Moreover, they offer publishers a unified dashboard that provides real-time metrics, integration with Google Analytics, and customizable data views. These tools are easy to use, with code that the team builds to be lightweight and simple — prioritizing the user experience.

Lastly, with their ties to over 30 advertising partners, including giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and OpenX, Freestar makes sure advertisers are bidding on your inventory.


Freestar boasts generally positive reviews on Trustpilot, with customers highlighting their long-term partnerships with the company and the results of their ad ops success.

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Comparing ad monetization solutions is no simple task. To simplify it, we've created a guide that breaks down the types of ad monetization solutions on the market and then compares them across the most important categories of requirements publishers and app developers need to fulfill. Click below to check it out!


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