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Founded in 2013, Raptive, formerly AdThrive, evolved as a solution to maximize ad revenue for bloggers. Acquired by CafeMedia in 2016, it continued to grow as a distinct brand under the name Raptive while maintaining its position as a premier digital advertising network serving over 3,500 publishers and reaching 181 million unique visitors monthly.

All About


Publishers looking to become a part of the Raptive network need to meet certain criteria. First, they must have their site connected to Google Analytics and should record a minimum of 100,000 monthly pageviews on this platform. 

Traffic is also a consideration; the lion's share should hail from premium countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

It's essential that these websites or blogs uphold a clean track record in the realm of advertising. Any history of advertising infringements, especially if they've been previously banned by notable ad networks like Google AdSense, could be detrimental, leading to potential application rejection.

Benefits for Publishers

At its core, Raptive is more than just an ad network; it serves as a strategic partner. This partnership translates to expert advice, smarter strategies, top-notch ad management, tailor-made technology solutions, and a plethora of opportunities ripe for business growth.

By leveraging Raptive's expertise, publishers can engage larger audiences, optimize the way they share their content, and ensure that users keep coming back.

With Raptive, growth strategies can be both enhanced and solidified, promising growth for the team and the enterprise as a whole. Monitoring and optimization are key in the digital world, and Raptive's user-friendly dashboard facilitates this.It offers comprehensive insights into ad earnings, RPM breakdown, and traffic metrics. 

Finally, the ad network has a clear stipulation of running a minimum of three ads in prominent locations across all devices. When it comes to revenue sharing, Raptive offers a generous 75% to its publishers, giving it an edge over competitors like Google AdSense.


Raptive boasts generally positive reviews across several blog-focused advertising review sites, with many reviewers highlighting the ease of monetization and the strong partnership aspect of working with the Raptive team. The only slight negative review was around the quality of ads, but these marks were only low relative to other metrics.

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