Ad Yield Ops 101: Managing Demand Sources

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Module Overview + Resources:

In this module, we will walk through how to manage demand sources.

Within the above video, we will provide a brief overview of all the lessons that will be covered within our Ad Yield Ops 101 module including:

  • Why is it Important?
  • Best Practices for Approval
  • How to Get Approved
  • Managing Your Ads.txt

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Welcome to ad yield ops 101, the first module in our ad yield management course. This module is going to go over managing demand sources. 

We'll start by understanding what's important about connecting demand sources, what the benefits and drawbacks to being approved or denied on particular demand sources are, and how many demand sources you should integrate. 

We'll cover the best practices for approval across different demand sources in SSPs. Some of the things that are considered include traffic, ad layout and content. 

Then we'll cover how to get approved on specific sources that includes how to get started and how to apply to most major SSPs. 

And last but not least, we'll cover managing your ads.txt file. This includes updating the file and some advanced considerations for making sure your ads.txt file is helping you maximize your ad revenue.