Ad Yield Ops 104: Building Your Price Floor Strategy

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Module Overview + Resources:

In this module, we will discuss how to build your price floor strategy.

Within the above video, we will provide a brief overview of all the lessons that will be covered within the Ad Yield Ops 104 module, including:

  • Why building a price floor strategy is important
  • How to build a price floor strategy
  • Using Playwire's price floor template (why and how you should take our newer approach to price floors)
  • The key differences between a cohesive and a disjointed price floor strategy
  • Executing price floors in Google Ad Manager

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Read the Transcript:

Welcome to ad yield ops 104. This module will teach you how to build your price floor strategy. 

We'll start by covering why a price floor strategy is important, the goals of creating a price floor strategy, and the benefits and drawbacks of different price floor rules. 

Then we'll cover a new approach to price floor rules. What we're going to do here is help you understand how to build a comprehensive price floor strategy, rather than looking at price floors as individual rules. We will also cover targeting and trigger recommendations that are available. 

Next, we will teach you how to build your own unique price floor strategy. We'll start by changing the way you look at price floor rules today. We'll talk about grouping trigger criteria and combining triggers to help build a more comprehensive approach. 

In this module, we've included a template to help you build your own unique price floor strategy. This section of the course will talk through how to use that template and cover how to set ad unit based prices, manage your targeting criteria, and configure combined price rules. 

We'll get tactical for a few minutes and execute price floor rules in Google ad manager. This section of the module will go through how to build each individual price floor rule, and cover some information about the limits on the number of rules you can create in Google ad manager. 

Last but not least, we'll talk about what you can do now that you've built a unified price floor strategy, the benefits of a cohesive versus disjointed strategy and the ability to streamline yield experimentation.