Hungry for more information about programmatic advertising? Well you're in luck! We've just released an entirely new guide that covers all of the most important guidance publishers and advertisers need to know about programmatic advertising.

For both advertisers and publishers, programmatic advertising is where the money is. And almost everyone is involved in programmatic ad buying or selling. But there is one large problem: just because they are all doing it, doesn't mean they are doing it RIGHT. 

Do you know what that means? You may be missing revenue opportunities or even wasting revenue on programmatic done wrong.

In this guide, we will take a deep dive into programmatic advertising for publishers and advertisers, providing insight on how to properly manage programmatic advertising. Read on for answers to all of your questions.

The guide covers:

  • Understanding Programmatic Advertising
  • How Programmatic Advertising Works
  • Programmatic Buys vs. IO Buys
  • Programmatic Advertising Types
  • Data Use
  • Programmatic Advertising for Advertisers
  • Programmatic Advertising for Publishers

Ready to jump in?

Programmatic Advertising: What Publishers and Advertisers Need to Know